Information Technology Program

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The Information Technology degree program allows students to work toward at least one additional diploma and multiple certificates while, at the same time, completing their degrees.

Please contact Sohail Sukhera, Information Technology Program Director, with any questions you may have regarding the Information Technology degree program.

All degree seeking applicants should declare the Information Technology Associate of Applied Science degree (A25590) during the application process.  Applicants will then receive information that will outline the diploma tracks listed below, and it will request that applicants prepare to declare one of the diploma tracks once they are accepted to the college.  The acceptance letter will provide clear instructions on how to declare a concurrent diploma track.

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Specialized Program Tracks

Information Technology: This track offers students the ability to become familiar with most IT areas of knowledge and skill, so that students are well-rounded and flexible IT professionals.  Graduates would be ready for work as help desk technicians, network technicians, software application technicians, and overall IT generalists.

IT Information Technology Diploma 2017-2018

IT Information Technology Certificate 2017-2018

Software Development: This track offers students a specialization in software development including programming JAVA and C programming languages, database programming and mobile application development.  Graduates would be ready for work as software designers, associate software developers or engineers, software maintenance technicians, mobile app designers and technicians.

IT Software Development Diploma 2017-2018

IT Software Development Certificate 2017-2018

Web Development:  This track offers students a specialization in web development including web design using various languages such as JAVA or HTML, designing of web graphics to enhance websites, and topics on optimizing websites for marketing purposes and analytics.  Graduates would be ready for work as web designers, website administrators, and internet marketing analysts.

IT Web Development Diploma 2017-2018

IT Web Development Certificate 2017-2018

Network Administration: This track offers students a specialization in vendor-neutral networking systems, as well as Cisco® networking systems.  Graduates would be ready for work as network technicians, network administrators, and network security officers.

IT Network Administration Diploma 2017-2018

IT Network Technology Certificate 2017-2018

Information Systems Security: This track offers students a specialization in securing a variety of information technology systems including a general overview of security to prepare students to sit for the Security + certification.  Students would also receive a rich background in computer forensics.  Graduates would be ready for work as IS systems security technicians or security administrators/officers, or as computer forensics engineers.

IT Information Systems Security Diploma 2017-2018

IT Information Systems Security Certificate 2017-2018

IT Computer Forensics Certificate 2017-2018

Information Systems Administration: This track offers students a specialization in network operating systems and virtualization.   Topics include green IT, and cloud storage concepts.  Graduates would be ready for work as systems analysts or systems support administrators.

IT Systems Administration Diploma 2017-2018

IT Operating Systems Admin Certificate 2017-2018

IT Virtualization Technology Certificate 2017-2018