Real Estate

Real Estate Licensing

The Real Estate Licensing curriculum provides licensing education required by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission for students preparing to take the real estate license examination and for provisional brokers that are seeking removal of the provisional status.

Course work includes the practices and principles of real estate, broker relationships as they apply to customers, sellers and buyers, contract procedures, fair housing and real estate methodology. Course work also includes professional development opportunities.

Graduates who have passed the real estate license examination and obtained a real estate provisional broker license should then qualify for removal of the provisional status and be able to provide basic, residential real estate services as a broker affiliated with a real estate brokerage firm.

If a provisional broker fails to complete a postlicensing course by the end of either the first, second or third year after initial licensure, his or her license will be placed on inactive status until he or she remedies the education deficiency and requests reactivation of his or her license.

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