We Want You! Become a Student Ambassador

February 26th, 2016 by webdev

Attention all CFCC Students! Are you looking for a way to get involved on campus, meet other students, gain interpersonal skills, have your tuition be paid for, work with college officials, etc.? Sound too good to be true? Not at all! If you are looking for that opportunity to become a well-rounded college student during your time at CFCC then you should definitely consider applying to the Student Ambassador program.
At this point you may be wondering “What exactly is Student Ambassadors?” CFCC Student Ambassadors is a diverse group of students that represent the college. You may have seen an Ambassador leading your campus tour if you visited the college, or at other events on campus. Student Ambassadors are individuals who are excited to be Sea Devils and want to be student leaders. It is a great program to utilize your strengths and develop your weaknesses.
When I heard about the Student Ambassador program last year I knew I wanted to apply. I remember receiving an email that was sent out to CFCC students notifying them that the application period was in effect. Some of you reading this now may or may not have noticed a similar email sent out just a few weeks ago. I attended an information session where I met the program advisor, Dean Heath, and learned more about the application process. I really wanted to get involved with something on campus that would be worthwhile, where I could learn more about my school and myself. To be honest, doing something like this is in many ways outside of my comfort zone. As someone who is more introverted and quiet, I am the person who WANTS to be outgoing and meet people and make a difference, but DOING those things is easier said than done. I really thought it was important to push myself to do something that would let me excel at things I’m good at, but also help enhance those qualities that could use a little TLC!
I can honestly say becoming a Student Ambassador has been a very positive experience. I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about my school, give campus tours to prospective students, work with staff in several offices on campus, and meet a great group of fellow students, all while growing as an individual, gaining something great to add to that resume, and having my tuition paid for by the Student Ambassador scholarship. For many people, that last one is important. As someone who has student loan debt myself, I understand the financial burden that comes along with school. Why not have your classes paid for while doing something that you can enjoy? Become a Student Ambassador!

Requirements to apply: Be a current CFCC student who will have completed at least 24 credit hours before next Fall semester and maintained a minimum GPA of 2.5
Student Ambassador obligations: Work a total of 3 hours on campus each week, attend training sessions, host events, give campus tours, etc.
Benefits: Tuition assistance, personal development, opportunity for networking and leadership
What you need to apply: Complete application, write an essay, get 3 letters of recommendation, and apply online by March 9, 2017 by 5:00pm
For more information visit www.cfcc.edu/ambassadors or email Dheath@cfcc.edu
If you are still looking to find a way to make your mark at CFCC and be more than “just another student,” then I encourage you to apply to Student Ambassadors!

Best of luck,
Michelle (2015-2016)

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