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Accessibility Information

Alcoholic Beverage Policy

see Food and Beverages, below


Animals or pets of any kind are prohibited with the exception of service animals for guests with disabilities. Service animals are welcome inside the building and must remain on a leash or in a harness at all times. If you intend to bring a service animal to the building, please notify your ticket representative at the time of purchase so that an aisle seat may be reserved for you.

Cameras, Video Cameras, Audio Recorders

Cameras are prohibited at all Center events unless accompanied by appropriate media credentials and approved in advance. Video cameras and audio recorders are also prohibited at the Center unless specifically approved. Please check in advance by emailing

Charity Requests

Unfortunately, our contracts with the shows that visit the Center do not allow for us to give away tickets to the many worthy local charitable groups and fundraising events that make requests. For more information, email

Door Opening

The time the doors at the Center open will vary according to each event. Please check in advance by visiting your event’s information page. Lobby doors typically open 1 hour prior to the start of the event and doors to the seating area open 30 minutes prior.


The Center is located in beautiful downtown Wilmington within walking distance of  many restaurants, hotels and bars.  For more information about downtown Wilmington, visit Wilmington Downtown, Inc. or the Wilmington and Beaches CVB


While the Center has no official dress code, guests wearing obscene or indecent clothing may be denied entry. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times


ADA and passenger drop-off is located at the corner of 2nd and Hanover Streets before the entrance to the Hanover Parking Deck. Guests will proceed on foot to the front entrance of The Center at 3rd and Hanover Streets. This is a special arrangement due to bridge construction and road closures that will change as soon as the bridge and roads are open again. Security and staff will be present at the drop-off point to assist you.


Elevators are located in the lobby. We offer step-free access to Main Floor and Grand Tier seating for guests with special needs. Hospitality hosts will be on hand to help you with any questions you may have regarding the elevators. Please note that for some events, lines for the elevators can form both before and after the event.

Emergencies and Evacuations

Cape Fear Community College employs a full-time police force supplemented by private security guards.  Security will be present at all Center performances.  If you are in need of assistance, please contact the nearest Center staff member and in the unlikely event of an emergency, please dial 911.

The Center is committed to providing the highest standard of safety for our visitors and employees. Center personnel have been trained to assist in emergency situations. Visual and audible alarms are located throughout the building in the event of an emergency.


Following some simple guidelines will help make everyone’s night at the theater more enjoyable.

  • Cell phones should be turned off or to silent mode, even phones set to vibrate can disturb a performance. Kindly double-check your phone upon entering the theater and re-entering after intermission to prevent accidental interruptions. Refrain from texting or illuminating your phone during a performance, as the light can disturb audience members and performers alike.
  • Once the house lights are dimmed, please refrain from talking. The performance spaces are designed to amplify sound, so even whispers are more audible than you might think. Similarly, candy or cough drop wrappers can be quite loud. If you must partake, please unwrap quickly, and ideally during a break in performance or during uproarious applause.
  • Even the most courteous audience member will sometimes experience an uncontrollable coughing episode.  We understand this. Many times simply covering your mouth and muting the cough will suffice, but if the cough persists, kindly use your best judgment to determine if you need to remove yourself from the theater. Fear not, you may re-enter when you are ready.
  • If for any reason you need to enter the theater while the performance is in progress, please wait until an appropriate break in the action. For example: during applause or a black out between scenes.
  • Children must be able to sit quietly in their own seat without disturbing other guests. Scroll to “Kids at the Center” for more information.
  • The Center is committed to providing an enjoyable family atmosphere for our audience. In order to maintain a pleasant and safe environment, we request that all guests be courteous to those around them and abide by all theater policies and regulations. Guests using foul language or appearing intoxicated will be ejected from the theater. Guests wearing obscene or indecent clothing will be denied entry. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. Noisemakers of any type are prohibited. Guests who engage in inappropriate behavior will be removed from the theater. Guests are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior to the nearest usher, security guard, or Center staff member.
  • In extreme situations, guests may be subject to ejection without refund, revocation of future tickets and may also be in violation of city ordinances resulting in possible arrest and prosecution.


The fees associated with ticket purchase reflect the different entities involved in making our productions happen.

  • Sales tax is required by the Department of Revenue of the State of North Carolina and by New Hanover County.
  • The Vendini Convenience fee helps our ticketing software provider cover their cost of providing tickets online, web hosting, accurate tracking, communication services, credit card security, etc. This fee can be avoided by purchasing during business hours via phone 910-362-7999 or in person.
  • The Facility Fee helps with the everyday expense of keeping the facility open, clean, lit, etc.  It also helps defray the processing fee levied by the banks, our investment into the ticketing technology, hardware, staffing costs, long-term maintenance and other associated costs.
  • One dollar from every ticket sold supports students in our area, and the college students in the department who share the building with us – that’s the Student Support.
  • If there is an additional fee shown beyond those listed above, it likely is one requested by the artist and/or the producing organization.


Firearms/Concealed Handguns

Firearms and/or Concealed Handguns with or without a license are not permitted at the Center. If any guest arrives at the facility with a firearm or handgun, you will be instructed to return the weapon to your car. The Center does not have a weapons check-in, and we will not take possession of firearms under any circumstance. Only credentialed local, state, and federal law enforcement officers will be allowed to bring firearms into the Center.

First Aid

Guests in need of emergency first-aid should contact the nearest Center staff member for assistance. Minor first-aid items are available at the Guest Services kiosk located in the Entry Lobby.

Food and Beverages

The Wilson Center at Cape Fear Community College offers a variety of snacks and beverages at the concession windows on the Orchestra and Grand Tier lobby levels. (For Studio Theater events, concessions availability varies by event.)

Guests are not permitted to bring any food or beverages into the Center. Containers such as bottles, cans, thermos bottles, or plastic coolers are not permitted. We invite you to enjoy refreshments before the show in our dramatic three-story glass-walled lobby. Our concessions features soft drinks, bottled water, wine, and beer and also a variety of candy, chips, pretzels and cookies, and will vary by show. Please note that our overall menu is much more snack-oriented than meal-oriented, and make your plans accordingly.

The Wilson Center is a state-of-the-art, regionally-recognized Performing Arts Center. Every architectural detail has been designed to delight our Guest’s senses. From meticulous sound engineering, to exceptional sightlines and comfort, our goal is to provide an environment in which any guest, of any age, can enjoy world-class performances across a multitude of genres. In order to maintain the integrity of our culture and contribute to the general welfare of Wilmington, we make deliberate decisions when it comes to concessions sales:

  • We close concessions at the start of performances so as not to interrupt our captivated Guests with constant comings and goings. Should there be an Intermission, we reopen.
  • We strictly follow NC ABC’s statute (NCAC 025.0232) that only one drink may be served to a person at a time. This greatly aides in our constant effort to not overserve our Guests.  We shoulder a responsibility to all of our Guests, from their time at the theater to when they exit.
  • All persons wishing to purchase alcoholic beverages must be age 21 or older and provide legal identification prior to purchase.
  • We are a community college, our top priority is the enrichment of our campus, students and community. This will always take precedent over the sale of alcohol.
  • Our concessions are run exclusively by NC ABC-certified volunteers, which is an unprecedented business model for a theater of our size and caliber. We value our volunteers’ time and health and will never jeopardize their well-being by extended hours of sales.
  • Center management has the right to refuse service at any time and sales can be terminated at any time at the discretion of the Center.

It is very much our intent to provide reasonable amounts of alcohol to responsible Guests. While we recognize the importance of revenue generated by concessions, our responsibility lies in the safe and remarkable experience of our Guests.

Guest Services

Guest Services is the hub for many helpful amenities and is located in the Entry Lobby on the ground floor. Services include:
• Listening devices
• Coat check
• Ear plugs
• First-aid
• Friends of the Center sign-up
• Guest comment cards
• Lost and found
• Restaurant and parking info
• Wilson Center tour information
• Cough drops
• Maps of the immediate area
• Printed seating charts


Please refer to our Where to Stay page.

Kids at The Center

While The Center strives to make quality programming available to all guests, please read the event description carefully to see if this show is appropriate for your children before purchasing tickets. Please consider whether your children are able to sit quietly in their own seats without disturbing other guests as this is a necessary courtesy for theater attendance. Each person, regardless of age, must have a ticket. Lap seating is strongly discouraged, however we do have booster seats for your young children. 

Some shows make further age appropriate recommendations, and the Center will provide those on our website in the event description; however, parental discretion is always advised, and judgment of the content for each show should be made on an individual basis prior to purchase. When available, the Center provides links to show websites for further information and recommendations. As a further courtesy to our guests, the Center recommends one parent or chaperone for every one child in attendance. This policy does not encompass special kids’ programming.

Listening Devices

The Center is equipped with an assisted listening system. Receivers are available for all events and provided free of charge. Guests who are interested in this service should visit Guest Services located in the Entry Lobby on the ground floor.

Lost and Found

If you lose an item during an event, please contact any Center team member for assistance. Found items can be turned in to Guest Services. Please contact us as at to inquire about lost items. The Center is not responsible for lost items. Found items are held for 30 days.

Lost Children

We recommend that parents discuss a meeting place with their children upon entering the Lobby, in the event that they become separated.  Also, parents should point out Center security guards or house managers for children to turn to in case of emergency. Lost children/parents should be escorted to Guest Services to notify Center security, who will arrange search procedures.

Mailing List

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Opera Boxes with Butler service

For our top-of-the-line show experience, choose our Opera Boxes with Butler service. Boxes seat 4–6 guests on the Grand Tier level. Enjoy an incredible view of the stage, private entrance to your box, beverage service, and gourmet delights–sweet and savory–in a tasty spread in your personal Opera Box. Our highest level of enjoyment, Opera Boxes must be reserved by phone or in-person at Ticket Central at this time. Call 910-362-7999 to check availability per show.  More info:

Outside Vending

The selling or sampling of merchandise, food, beverages, tickets or other items on the property without written authorization is strictly prohibited.


Parking for events at The Wilson Center is available in the Hanover Parking Deck, the surface lot directly behind the Center, or in the on-street spaces on the streets around the Center

  • Hanover Parking Deck – which is adjacent to the Center, with entrances on Hanover Street and 2nd Street.The Hanover Deck has a total of 1,160 parking spaces, including 22 for ADA parking. Access into the Hanover Parking Deck from Second Street is on the First Level and the Hanover Street entrance is on the Second Level.  It is equipped with state-of-the-art software, which displays actual Deck counts on LED signage in front of the Deck entrances. Parking rates are $5 per event per vehicle; cash only, please.  Please note that parking rates are subject to change.
  • Surface Parking Lot – Parking is also available in the surface lot directly behind the Wilson Center. Parking is $5 per vehicle, and only cash is accepted at this time.
  • On Street Parking – Limited metered on-street parking is available on the streets around the Center.

Peanuts and Other Allergies

We recognize that some customers are allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. We cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during a visit to the Center.  We strongly encourage you to take the necessary medical precautions if you have a nut allergy.


(see Cameras, Video Cameras, Audio Recorders)

Prohibited Items

For safety reasons, patrons may be refused entry if they are in possession of prohibited items including, but not limited to: alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, food, drinks, glass/plastic/metal containers, cameras, video recorders, audio recorders, “selfie sticks,” fireworks, laser pointers, backpacks, coolers, knives over 5 inches in length, weapons of any type, luggage, baby seats or carriers, unauthorized noise makers, glitter, confetti, flying discs, streamers, helium balloons, beach balls, parcels or packages, large hats, inflatables, brooms or large bags of any kind. The guest must discard the prohibited item in the trash or return the item to their vehicle. The Center reserves the right to confiscate any prohibited items and/or escort the guests with contraband from the building.


Re-entry is usually not allowed, but varies depending on event. Please check with a supervisor at the doors to determine the policy for your specific event.


Broadly speaking, the shows we host consider all sales final but every show is different. Please contact for specific information on the show in question.


Restrooms are located throughout the Center for your convenience on the Orchestra and Grand Tier lobby levels. Balcony level guests should use the Grand Tier level restrooms. All restrooms are accessible facilities. Gender neutral restrooms are located on the Orchestra and Grand Tier levels by the elevators. Family restrooms for guests with children are located on the Orchestra and Grand Tier levels by the elevators. Baby changing stations are located in all public restrooms in the Center.


At the Wilson Center’s discretion, all guests are subject a search of their person and or possessions – including jackets, coats, bags of a normal size (which may be allowed entry after examination). Guests with prohibited items will be asked to dispose of those items or return them to their vehicle before being allowed entry. Any guest refusing to cooperate will not be allowed in. No refunds will be given for refusing a search. No storage or check-in of prohibited items will be provided.

Sign Language Interpreters

The Center is happy to provide sign language interpretation for guests with hearing disabilities. Please note that requests for this service must be received 30 days prior to the event and must be approved by the featured event. For more details or to request this service, please contact us at

Smoking Policy

In compliance with local and state laws and Cape Fear Community College campus policy, the Center is a smoke-free facility. Guests are prohibited from smoking anywhere inside the Center. Smoking, including alternative smoking devices such as electronic cigarettes and/or vaporizers, are also prohibited. For some events, guests wishing to smoke may exit the building, but please note that New Hanover County also prohibits smoking within 100 feet of bus stops; in public parks and on trails; and on public sidewalks abutting schools, hospitals, and city and county property which includes the Center.

Ticket Scalping

The Center strictly prohibits ticket scalping and the resale of tickets on the premises.

Furthermore, Ticket Central including,, and are the only OFFICIAL TICKETING PROVIDERS for events at The Center. Tickets obtained from other unauthorized sources may be stolen, counterfeit or invalid due to payment issues and will not be honored. Tickets purchased from other sources are often greatly inflated in price and are not eligible for assistance if tickets are ever lost or stolen or if the event is canceled or rescheduled. The Center is not responsible for tickets purchased from other sources.
See video here.

Weather Policy

In the event of extreme weather, make sure to monitor local media, the Center’s website and social media. The Center follows the emergency weather policies of Cape Fear Community College and will close or delay when the College is closed/delayed.  If events at the Center are canceled, all ticket holders will be contacted with information regarding refunds and/or exchanges. Email is the fastest and best way for us to get detailed, written information out to many people at once, so please be sure we have accurate contact information for you when you purchase your tickets.


Under special circumstances, The Center does offer those that miss the show the option of attending a future Cape Fear Stage event as a make-good if weather or travel conditions prevent you from attending your ticketed performance. Special conditions of this make-good ticket offer include:

  • The National Weather Service (NWS) must have issued a Winter Storm Warning or Winter Weather Advisory that is in effect at show time for your ticketed performance for the geographical region that encompasses New Hanover County.
  • Our apologies that we cannot accommodate additional make-good requests for weather or travel conditions outside of those described above.
  • Restrictions will apply on the shows we are able to offer as a make-good, but we’ll do our best to ensure you have at least two choices. Seat locations offered will be best available based on what seats are open at the time of the make-good offer.
  • Please note, this make-good offer applies only to those ticket buyers who purchased directly from Ticket Central or through Vendini. If you received your tickets through a third party ticket reseller or are not the original purchaser, please contact the source you obtained your tickets from to determine what options they might be offering.


Wheelchairs are available for check-out through Guest Services.  To arrange these services in advance, please email us at prior to the event. 

Will Call

If you have been told your tickets are at “will-call”, this means that your tickets will be waiting for you at Center’s Ticket Central, located in the lobby at 703 N 3rd Street. Ticket Central opens one hour prior to the start of the event and remains open until intermission, or at least 30 minutes into the performance. Please make sure you bring a photo I.D.



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