Explore…Who You Are

Selecting your first (second or third) career path can be an important decision.  “What do you want to do?”  or “What is your major?” are often overwhelming questions many students struggle with!  Good news….this is normal!

More good news….CFCC’s Career Development team members are available to support you in making these decisions.  In part, because we know that students with a goal and a plan to achieve it are more likely to:

  1. complete college.
  2. be engaged in their campus experience.
  3. understand the connection to the world of work.

Career Planning Model

FIRST:  Take some time to get to know who you are?  What do you enjoy doing?  What are your strengths?  What are your values?  There are many things that may influence your occupational choices and potential job satisfaction.  Here are a few exercises you can use to get started!

SECOND:  Know reliable sources for Occupation Exploration.  Use what you’ve learned about yourself to match possible occupations that are a good fit.  This may include researching websites, conducting information interviews with professionals, job shadowing, volunteering and meeting with CFCC Career Development team member.

  • Explore occupations that are a fit for your Interests.
  • Explore Career Clusters that you’re interested in.  This may help direct you to a college major as well.
  • Explore career clusters based on your interest results using a Career Matrix.
  • Explore Occupation Profiles that give more detailed information about hundreds of occupational titles.
  • Conduct an Information Interview to ask questions of professionals who work in areas you’re considering. (Download:  Information Interview)
  • Schedule Job-Shadowing opportunities in your area.  You will visit professionals where they work and observe what they do daily in their role.
  • Participate in Student Learning on campus – get involved!

CONTACT:  CFCC Career Development Services
Make an appointment here for your preferred location:  Downtown Campus or North Campus
Call:  (910) 362-7047 or 7768
Email:  careerdevelopment@cfcc.edu

NEXT STEPS:  After exploring more about who you are and what occupation areas may be a fit for you, it’s time to decide “What can I major in?”