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Community, Recreation, and Leisure Classes

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Recreation and Leisure classes are an integral part of Continuing Education. Classes such as art, home economics, and general interest are offered mornings, afternoons, and evenings. These serve approximately 3,000 students in more than 400 classes per year. Classes are conducted at various locations throughout New Hanover and Pender County. Classes are also coordinated with local community centers, senior citizens centers, and recreation centers. Likewise, businesses, churches, and schools as well as public facilities are utilized. Courses are frequently designed to meet specific requests; therefore, this area is expected to change with the interests and needs of the community. Students are regularly surveyed for comments and suggestions.

The Center for Business, Industry and Government Training offers a variety of certification classes to meet the continuing education requirements of trade contractors and other occupations including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and general contracting.

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All Classes have a $5.00 Security Parking Fee.

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Course Title Course Description Course Date and Time Contact Name Contact Email Phone Number

Heritage Arts and Crafts

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Basket Weaving Learn the art of making decorative and utilitarian baskets from natural materials. Reed and pine needle basket weaving techniques connections to lower Cape Fear area and Gullah-Geechee cultures are topics of discussion. $73 (Supplies and Materials Extra) 12 Hrs 7 Students Required Beverly Smalls 910-362-7199
Bass (Guitar) New Learn the basic musical concepts, playing chords and mastering sturumming techniques. Little or no experience required. Beverly Smalls 910-362-7199
Batik (New) Learn the ancient art of Batik, amethod of dyeing a fabric by which parts of the fabric no to be dyed. Beverly Smalls 910-362-7199
Crocheting Learn basic crocheting: chain stitching, slip stitching, pattern reading and other techniques of crocheting. Beverly Smalls 910-362-7199
Furniture Refurbishing Learn techniques for refinishing and refurbishing old furniture with emphasis on woods, sanding and staining. Beverly Smalls 910-362-7199
Glass Mosaics Learn to design and create mosaic from small pieces of tile, glass and other material set in mortar. Beverly Smalls 910-362-7199
Guitar Acoustic Learn several chords and strum styles. Beverly Smalls 910-362-7199
Guitar Intermediate Learn to master from basic studies, includes bar chords, lead guitar and music theory. Beverly Smalls 910-362-7199
Piano Keyboard Identifying notes on the keyboard, sight reading; and learning about rhythm, harmony, and chords. Beverly Smalls 910-362-7199
Sculptural Wall Art Class Schedule Learn to turn plastic, jute or other hard materials into three-dimensional works of art. Beverly Smalls 910-362-7199
Shibori Learn several methods of dyeing cloth with an elaborate pattern by bibding, stitching, and folding. Beverly Smalls 910-362-7199
Wood Craving Learn the fundamentals of carving. Learn how to sharpen tool edges and handling techniques. Beverly Smalls 910-362-7199
Woodturning Learn to create decorative and utilitarian objects from various types of wood. Beverly Smalls 910-362-7199

Arts and Crafts

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Ballroom Dancing Class explores the art of ballroom dancing for fun and fitness. TBA Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189
Basic Sewing Learn the basic operations of using your sewing machinie , such as threading, bobbin winding amd how to utilize specific stitches. 06/07-07-19 S 10am-2pm Marjorie Spearman

Beginning Quilting This course will provide students the opportunity to complete a LapQuilt size 40″ square using half square triangles. TBA Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189
Cake Decorating Class explores the art of cake decoration through a combination of demonstrations and hands on experience. TBA Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189
Oil painting in Old Masters Techniques Students will learn how to use color, materials, brushes and mediums. 08/18-10/16 M 1-4pm Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189


Yoga A gentle approach to yoga structured to accommodate students of all levels of physical abilities. TBA Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189

Language Arts

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American Language I Learn simple vocabulary and sentences to communicate more effectively with deaf and hearing impaired customers,friends, or family. 09/02-10/09 TTH 6-9pm Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189
American Language II Expand your vocabulary and signs for further proficiency, especially for a classroom or workplace setting. TBA Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189
Introduction to Spanish This course teaches general customer service skills in Spanish to better communicate with Spanish workers and clients. TBA Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189

Safety Training

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Auto Safety Emission Certification This course prepares auto technicians and service personnel as safety and emission inspectors for motor vehicles. 09/08-09/10 MW 6-10pm Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189
Auto Safety & Emission OBD Certification This course is designed to prepare auto technicians and service personnel as OBD emission inspectors for motor vehicles. 09/09-09/11 TTH 6-10pm09/23-09/25 TTH 6-10pm Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189
Aviation Ground School This course provides instruction in general airplane knowledge, weather, regulations, and flight planning. TBA Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189


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Marine Captain License Preparation This course will provide students with the information necessary to take the US Coast Guard Examination for Licensing as a Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels up to 100 gross tons, on inland, near coastal. Exam 5/27/14 T 9a-5p Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189
Marine Captains Upgrade to Masters License This course will provide students with the information necessary to take the US Coast Guard Examination for Licensing as a Operator of Uninspected Vessels up to 100 gross tons, on inland, near coastal. TBA Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189
Celestial Navigation This course will cover the theory and technique of finding one’s position at sea through sextant observation of celestial bodies. TBA Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189
Coastal Navigation This course provides training in marine piloting and electronic navigation techniques. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate competence in the safe navigation of vessels utilizing and interpreting information obtained from navigational aids. TBA Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189

Skilled Trades

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CFC-EPA Certification Seminar designed for HVAC technical personnel to assist in EPA mandated training requirements in preparation for NC State Certification Exam. TBA Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189
Small Gasoline Engine Repair This course is designed to provide the student with hands-on knowledge of small gasoline engine repairs. TBA Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189
Assistance Towing Endorsement This 4-hour session is provided for students who have attained, or are in the process of obtaining, their U.S Coast Guard Captain’s or Mate’s License for vessels of 200 gross tons or less. TBA Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189
Notary Public This course is required by the State of North Carolina in order to apply to become a Notary. 09/02-09/04 TTH 6-930pm09/09-09/11 TTH 6-930pm09/23-09/25 TTH 6-930pm Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189
Seated ServSafe Food This is a basic food sanitation course for the food service industry. It is an important certification for students in the food service industry. TBA Marjorie Spearman 910-362-7189

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