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Corporation and Continuing Education Phone Listings

Continuing Education Administration Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Smith, Clarence Dean of Continuing Education 7176 T-115
Holmes, Julia Executive Secretary/Continuing Education 7453 T-111
Green, Joan Receptionist/Big Center 7370 T-110
Brown, Danielle Evening Support 7370 T-110
Ferguson, Sue Registrar/Continuing Education 7173 T-125
Moore, Anita Senior Registrar Tech/Continuing Education 7162 T-123
Hall, Marcia Registrar Tech/Continuing Education 7174 T-124
Donaldson, Beth Registrar Tech/Continuing Education 7187 T-127
Registrar Retention Specialist 7723 T-109-A

BIG Center Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Badakhsh, Diane Director/Corporate & CE Training 7254 T-122
Blackburn, Susan Medical/Program Instructor 7682 T-109B
Brown, Phillip Secretary/ Skill Trades 7319 T-105-F
Secretary/BIG Center/ 7196 T-105-A
Hunter, Gerri Secretary/ Big Center/Ed-2-Go 7572 T-105-D
Geppert, Cynthia Project Coordinator/Back To Work 7821 T-105-B
Parris, Tammie Coordinator/Workforce Training 7617 T-105-E

Barber School

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
King, Deginald Lead Instructor/Barber School 7693 Y-Unit-O
Hill, Jason Evening Instructor/ Barber School 7694 Y-Unit-O
Barber School Reservation Phone 7692

Small Business Center Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Tarble, Doug Director/Small Business Center 7469 T-109-E
Pouliot, Amy Secretary/Small Business Center 7216 T-109-D

Leisure/Recreational Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Spearman, Marjorie Director/Leisure & Recreational 7326 T-109-G
Rhodes, Brenda Secretary/Leisure & Recreational 7189 T-109-C
Smalls, Beverly Coordinator/Teacher Certification(C#-515-9710) 7199 T-109-F

Human Resource Development Program Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Pope, Brucie Coordinator/HRD 7186 C-107
Ragin, Trina Secretary/HRD 7324 C-110
Corpening, Travis Recruitment Specialist/Off-Campus/HRD/3M 7604 C-118
Tillery, Mary Coordinator/Career Readiness Certification 7050 C-108
Segda, Kathy Secretary/CRC 7438

Law Enforcement Recertification Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Yost, James “Buster” Coordinator/Law Enforcement Recertification 7823 G-116
Bancroft, Carolyn Secretary/Law Enforcement Recertification 7217 G-115
Johnson, Susan Law Enforcement /In-Service Training 7822 G-116
Riggs, Catherine Support/Law Enforcement 7710 G-117

Defensive Driving/Motorcycle Safety Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Mastalli, Debra Technician/DDC/Motorcycle Safety 7219 X-100
Davis, Tommy Technician DDC/Motorcycle Safety 7175 X-102
Travis, Harvey Support/DDC/Motorcycle Safety 7175 X-102

Fire/Rescue/Emergency Management/Safety Training Center Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Porter, Becky Director/Fire/Rescue/EM 7711 NC-105-A
Britt, Pam Secretary/Fire/Rescue/EM 7799 NC-105-B
Rutherford, Amy Support/Fire/Recue/EM 7770 NC-122
Stanland, Alex Coordinator/Fire Safety Seminar 7713 NC-122
Martin, Crystal Support/Fire/Recue/EM 7714 NC-105-C
Brown, Ted STC Assistant 7642 NC-122
Whitman, Mike STC Assistant 7642 NC-122

Public Health and Safety Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Hood, Barry Director/Public Health & Safety 7180 NA-241-A
Jordan, Kelly Secretary/Public Health & Safety 7181 NA-241
Batson, Constance Instructor/EMT 7751 NA-241
Herron, Tom Lead Instructor/EMT/Paramedic 7512 NA-241-B
McLiverty, Claudina Coordinator/Lead Instructor/CNA 7218 L-320
Riggs, Catherine Support/Public Health & Safety 7589 NA-241

Basic Skills Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Talbert, Erica Director/Basic Skills 7183 S-112
Ward, Tina Secretary/Basic Skills 7121 S-108-C
Brandenburg, Emily Coordinator/ABE/AHS/ASE (on-campus) 7290 S-116-B
Borges, Susan ABE/ASE/CED Assessment Retention Specialist 7349 S-110
Brazell, Leigh Transition Specialist 7677 S-106
Collins, Ollie Assessment Retention Specialist 7121 S-108-C
Fischer, Cindy Coordinator/ESL 7184 S-114
Gariglio, Martha King ABE Retention Specialist 7178 S-108-A
Gutierrez, Patricia ESL Assessment Retention Specialist 7049 S-114
Howerton, Clark AHS/Assessment Retention Specialist 7182 S-116-A
Maidman, Katherine LEIS Coordinator 7178 S-108-B
Martinez, Kathy Lead ABE/ASE Assessment Retention Specialist 7141 S-110
Pratt, Christine Assessment Retention Specialist 7255 S-108-A
Smith, Marlena ABE/ASE Assessment Retention Specialist 7349 S-108-A
Valand, Vicky Coordinator/ABE/ASE 7457 S-108-A

Burgaw Center Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Ramsey, Cynthia Director/Burgaw Center 7909 107-A
Hering, Jennifer Secretary/Burgaw Center 7901 107-B
Martin, John Evening Supervisor 7911
Main Office Number 7900

Fax Numbers

Big Center  362-7190
Basic Skills  362-7198
Business Office  763-2279
Burgaw Center  259-9048
North Campus  362-7550
X-Building  362-7563
Safety Training Center 362-7797
Bookstore  362-7477
Barber School  794-3293
L-Building   362-7087

Other Important Numbers

Downtown Security  362-7103
North Campus 362-7588
Downtown Switchboard 362-7000
North Campus Switchboard  362-7700

Emergency Line-Both Campuses—362-7777

Wilmington Campus
411 North Front Street
Wilmington, NC 28401

North Campus
4500 Blue Clay Road
Castle Hayne, NC 28429

Burgaw Center
100 East Industrial Drive
Burgaw, NC 28425

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Accessibility Services

Cape Fear Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, political affiliation or age.