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Corporation and Continuing Education Phone Listings

Continuing Education Administration Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Singler, Melissa Dean of Continuing Education 7176
Lee, Tucker Secretary/Continuing Education 7370 G-108

BIG Center Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Blackburn, Susan Medical Program/Instructor 7682 G-108A
Brown, Phillip Secretary/Skill Trades 7319 G-111
Moore, Anita Senior Registrar Tech/Continuing Education 7909 Burgaw

Barber School Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
King, Deginald Lead Instructor/Barber School 7693 Y-Unit-O
Carlton, Carolyn Evening Instructor/ Barber School 7694 Y-Unit-O
Barber School Reservation Phone 7692

Business and Customized Training Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Turner, Robert Director/Business and Customized Training  7050 G-110
Tarble, Doug Director/Small Business Center 7469 G-105/107
Pouliot, Amy Secretary/Small Business Center 7216 G-105
Segda, Kathy Secretary/Customized Training 7173 G-116

Community Enrichment Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
McKoy, Dana Director/Community Enrichment 7254 G-125
Crowe, Krystal Coordinator/Community Enrichment 7199 G-127
Hering, Jennifer Coordinator/Defensive Driving 7219 G-126
Hunter, Gerri Secretary/Ed2Go 7219 G-124
Davis, Tommy Technician DDC/Motorcycle Safety 7175 G-122
Tancrelle, Ann PT DDC Tech 7175 G-122
Stack, Tanya PT DDC Tech 7175 G-122

Public Safety, Fire/Rescue/Law Enforcement/EMT/EMS Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Porter, Becky Public Safety Director 7711 NC-105-A
Britt, Pam Public Safety Lead Technician 7799 NC-105-B
Rutherford, Amy Fire/Rescue Tech 7770 NC-122
Stanland, Alex Coordinator/Fire Safety Seminar 7713 NC-122
Martin, Crystal Temp EMS Secretary 7710 NA-241
Whitman, Mike STC Assistant 7642 NC-122
Batson, Connie Coordinator EMS 7751 NA-241
Poe, Daren Coordinator Law Enforcement Training 7649 G-117
Johnson, Susan Law Enforcement /In-Service Training 7822 G-116
Riggs, Catherine Secretary/Law Enforcement/TFT 7863 G-111
Yost, James “Buster” Coordinator/Law Enforcement Recertification 7823 G-116

Health & Life Sciences Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Vacant Director Health & Life Sciences 7180 L-304
Jordan, Kelly Secretary/Health & Life Sciences 7181 L-304
McLiverty, Claudina Coordinator/Lead Instructor/CNA 7218 L-320

Basic Skills and Career Readiness Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Talbert, Erica Director/Basic Skills 7183 S-112
Ward, Tina Secretary/Basic Skills 7121 S-108-C
Brandenburg, Emily Coordinator/ABE/AHS/ASE (on-campus) 7290 S-116-B
Borges, Susan ABE/ASE/CED Assessment Retention Specialist 7349 S-110
Brazell, Leigh Transition Specialist 7677 S-106
Collins, Ollie Assessment Retention Specialist 7121 S-108-C
Fischer, Cindy Coordinator/ESL 7184 S-114
Gariglio, Martha King ABE Retention Specialist 7178 S-108-A
Gutierrez, Patricia ESL Assessment Retention Specialist 7049 S-114
Howerton, Clark AHS/Assessment Retention Specialist 7182 S-116-A
Maidman, Katherine LEIS Coordinator 7178 S-108-B
Martinez, Kathy Lead ABE/ASE Assessment Retention Specialist 7141 S-110
Pratt, Christine Assessment Retention Specialist 7255 S-108-A
Smith, Marlena ABE/ASE Assessment Retention Specialist 7349 S-108-A
Valand, Vicky Coordinator/ABE/ASE 7457 S-108-A
Pope, Brucie Coordinator/HRD 7186 C-107
Ragin, Trina Secretary/HRD 7324 C-110

Burgaw Center Staff

Name Title Phone Ext. 910-362-xxxx Location
Parris, Tammie Welding 7909 107-B
Martin, John Evening Supervisor 7911
Geppert, Cindy Customize Production Technician 7901  107-C

Fax Numbers

Big Center  362-7190
Basic Skills  362-7198
Business Office  763-2279
Burgaw Center  259-9048
North Campus  362-7550
X-Building  362-7563
Safety Training Center 362-7797
Bookstore  362-7477
Barber School  794-3293
L-Building   362-7087

Other Important Numbers

Downtown Security  362-7103
North Campus 362-7588
Downtown Switchboard 362-7000
North Campus Switchboard  362-7700

Emergency Line-Both Campuses—362-7777

Wilmington Campus
411 North Front Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
(910) 362-7000

North Campus
4500 Blue Clay Road
Castle Hayne, NC 28429
(910) 362-7700

Burgaw Center
100 East Industrial Drive
Burgaw, NC 28425
(910) 362-7900

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Accessibility Services

Cape Fear Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, political affiliation or age.