CFCC Culinary Instructor Participates in Chinese Gourmet Expo in JiNan, China

September 28th, 2017 by Erin Fabian

Chef Gwen at Chinese Food Expo

Cape Fear Community College Chef Gwen Gulliksen was one of four chefs selected by the Traveling American Chefs to attend and participate in an all-expense-paid Chinese food conference, the 18th Chinese Food Festival & International Gourmet Expo 2017. The Expo was sponsored by the China Hotel Association, the JiNan Government, and the International Hotel & Restaurant Association.

Gulliksen attended the Chinese Food Festival & International Gourmet Expo from September 15 to 17th, where she worked alongside famous chef masters and chef educators to share and showcase cooking skills and food culture.

Gulliksen’s primary responsibility was to represent authentic American holiday food by preparing food for display in individual regional demonstrations on stage and sampling. Gulliksen prepared 100 warm biscuits with honey butter. “At first no one would touch them,” Gulliksen said. “Everyone was standing around looking. Then one person tried one and they were gone within two minutes!”

Gulliksen organized and conducted an Authentic American Cuisine Class exclusively for the top Chinese hotel chefs to teach them how to create and authenticate American holiday food. Her individual demonstration was to create an Authentic American Southern Easter Brunch. Gulliksen prepared Smithfield ham, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, biscuits with honey butter, and robin-egg blue dyed Easter eggs. “They just could not get over the Easter eggs,” she said.

The conference inspired Gulliksen to perfect and master cooking dumplings; she has plans to teach a dumpling class in the near future and to continue sharing the knowledge she gained in China with her students moving forward.

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