CFCC employees win awards for outstanding performance and teaching excellence

August 31st, 2015 by admin


CFCC award winners 2015

Three Cape Fear Community College employees were recently honored with awards to recognize teaching excellence and outstanding performance.

The awards were presented by CFCC President Amanda Lee on August 19 at the college’s annual in-service program.

Sociology instructor Bethaney Ferguson received the Marilyn Goodman Anderson Endowed Award for Excellence in Teaching. This award is given annually to a faculty member that proves an asset to CFCC through their positive impact on students, mastery of their subject and outstanding teaching philosophy. Recipients of the Marilyn Goodman Anderson Endowed Award receive a $2,000 stipend to further advance their classroom.

Ferguson’s teaching style is described as “magic in the classroom” by coworkers and students alike. She incorporates technology, a passion for Sociology and discussion into her classroom to fuel deep empathy and understanding in her students.

Ferguson’s personal goal is to help students become “critical, creative, innovative thinkers with the ability to connect facts to abstractions while simultaneously conducting themselves as autonomous, self-disciplined individuals capable of strategically working in teams.”

Rebecca Miller and Mark VanCura received this year’s Presidents Award, which seeks to recognize outstanding efforts and contributions to CFCC, students and the community. Recipients embody CFCC’s key principles of dedication, involvement, professionalism and leadership.

Rebecca Miller is praised for her outstanding contributions to CFCC’s Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) program. Handling administrative needs for the program, Miller developed new procedures to streamline paperwork processes for the office that ensures accuracy and time efficiency.  Mrs. Miller’s program proved so effective that BLET programs across the state adopted it to enhance their department.

A colleague described Miller by saying that her “positive ‘can do’ attitude is refreshing. She is loved and respected by students, co-workers and supervisors. Her contagious smile brightens our days at the Safety Training Center.”

Biology Instructor Mark VanCura is recognized for his exceptional, engaging teaching styles that motivate students to enjoy learning material and to persevere to their full potential.  Past students nominated Mr. VanCura, boasting that they still remember individual bones  and muscles of the body, even after graduating from CFCC in 2012. They credit this knowledge to VanCura, who “has helped and motivated his students with an outstanding education and motivation that is necessary to achieve career goals.”

Both the Marilyn Goodman Anderson Endowed Award for Excellence in Teaching and the President’s awards are presented annually and recipients are nominated by students and fellow employees.