CFCC Foundation breaks annual fundraising record with over $2 million in gifts

July 3rd, 2014 by admin

This year has been a record-breaking year for the CFCC Foundation, a non-profit organization which raises money to support students. For the first time in college history, the foundation raised over $2 million in private contributions, many of which will support student scholarships.

CFCC Foundation Board Chairperson Sara Strassle, who led the group last year, credits this accomplishment to the ongoing generosity of the local community and the hard work of the college’s Foundation board and staff.

“Reaching this $2 million dollar milestone for student scholarships and programs certainly recognizes the hard work of the College’s Foundation. Even more important, such a milestone illustrates the remarkable goodwill of our community—the neighborhoods and businesses who support our mission. Our students benefit most from these dollars, and they then contribute to the economic and social health of our region,” Strassle said.

Jan Rowe Capps was recently elected as chair of the Foundation board for 2014-2015. Strassle said that she looks forward to a continued pattern of success under the new leadership.

“Jan understands the positive cycle of community support as well as anyone I know. With her leadership, our Foundation Board will continue to develop goodwill and generosity for the benefit of CFCC’s students,” Strassle said.

CFCC President Ted Spring praised the Foundation Board for their efforts to ensure as many people as possible can afford to attend CFCC.  He added that despite CFCC’s relatively low tuition, CFCC students depend on extra financial help to get their education.

“Many of our students have family and financial obligations outside of the cost of going to school, so private support is absolutely essential,” Dr. Spring said.

The CFCC Foundation sponsors a wide variety of events and activities throughout the year to raise funds for students. The fall campaign kicks off with the employee-led Campus Fund Drive, which raises an average of over $80,000 from CFCC employees each year.  Other major fundraising events include a tennis and golf tournament, the NewBridge Bank Bridge to Bridge 4.0 Race and the annual Gift of Education luncheon.

The organization is led by a volunteer board of directors with support from college staff. For more information about CFCC’s Foundation, call (910) 362-7207.