CFCC Grad Embarks on a Career at Sea

May 9th, 2019 by Sonya Johnson

Paige McCaleb

“I loved living by the water, so I decided to go back to school for training that would get me there,” said Paige McCaleb, soon-to-be graduate of the Marine Technology program at Cape Fear Community College.

Prior to this realization, Paige worked as an esthetician, waitress, and bartender. After ten years living in Savannah, Georgia she knew she had a heart for the sea. She then stumbled across the marine technology program at CFCC. “I knew from our very first cruise off-shore that I had found the perfect fit for me,” said McCaleb.

Paige will graduate with an Associate in Applied Science in Marine Technology this May and two days later, move to Lafayette, Louisiana to begin her career at sea as an offshore surveyor with Furgo, a global Geo-data company. As an offshore surveyor, Paige will help deploy autonomous underwater vehicles, otherwise known as AUVs, to map the ocean floor and use the data to find suitable locations for wind farms and oil rigs.

Paige acclaims the marine technology program, its students and alumni for their unyielding support, “employers know about this program,” said Paige. “Students get awesome positions and are trusted to do big jobs because of the reputation of this program.”

Dreaming of a career on the water? Request more information today about the marine technology program.