College Goals and Planning Priorities

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College Goals and Planning Priorities for FY 2000-2001



Goal #1 Provide facilities to support the rapid growth of the college and improve maintenance, safety, and security for all CFCC campuses.




1a. Support the University/Community College Facilities State Bond campaign. Develop a use plan for $36 million in bond funds by July 31, 2000 and complete a design plan for new construction and renovations by January 2001.




1b. By August 2000, conduct a comprehensive review of campus safety and security issues to include equipment safe guarding, emergency evacuation, lighting in parking areas, and pedestrian safety. By December 2000, develop a plan for resolving issues having feasible solutions.




1c. By September 2000, produce a proactive custodial housekeeping schedule and maintenance plan based on assessment by users for improved maintenance and housekeeping services.




Goal #2 Incorporate the appropriate use of technology for students, faculty and staff and provide training in accessing and applying the technology.




2a. By November 2001, utilize technology to automate processes/forms as much as possible to reduce paperwork and remove barriers to productivity.




2b. By February 2001, consider possible organizational changes to better align responsibilities pertaining to instructional technology matters such as distance education, instructional technology applications and information technology programs.




Goal #3 Provide excellent programs and support services to meet customer needs.




3a. Identify programs and support services for the CFCC North Campus and have a staffing plan developed to meet those requirements by January 2001.




Goal #4 Promote faculty and staff excellence through recruitment, retention, recognition and professional development.




4a. Develop a more efficient recruitment and hiring process by January 2001.




4b. By May 2001, develop and recommend improved personnel evaluation process for implementation in fiscal year 2001-2002.




Goal #5 Promote diversity at all levels of the college.




5a. By January 2001, identify CFCC diversity goals inclusive of all departments for enrollment and/or personnel.




Goal #6 Improve communication.




6a. By January 2001, have a CFCC communications center in place to more effectively communicate curriculum and continuing education classes and campus activities to CFCC personnel and the public.




Approved by the CFCC Board of Trustees July 27, 2000



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