Strategic Planning On Line (SPOL)

Strategic Planning On Line Tutorial

Strategic Planning On Line (SPOL) is a web-based software program that operates on Internet Explorer. SPOL is a planning tool that was developed to document and track the progress of the College’s strategic goals and planning priorities and, more specifically, the progress of the annual objectives developed by each college planning unit. This system allows users to enter and edit their objectives and to gain access to other unit plans and information on-line. Users are assigned a User Name and Password to gain access to the system from their computer and to protect the integrity of the system.  The URL to access SPOL is


There are four groups of users who enter information in SPOL:

Budget Centers are the president and vice presidents

Administrators are the deans

Department Chairs/Directors 

Unit Managers include everyone else who develops objectives for a planning unit.

College personnel not included in one of the four groups listed above do not have on-line access to the system for data entry. However, it is expected that unit managers will seek input from other employees within their unit.


A “generic user” code may be available soon to allow anyone to login to the system with “read-only” rights.    


Each unit plan in SPOL contains the following information by year:


Unit Purpose

CFCC Mission Statement

CFCC Goals

CFCC Planning Priorities


Objective Type

Tasks to implement to meet the Objectives

Assessment Criteria for Measuring Success/Accomplishment of the Objectives 

Results of Objectives 

Use of Results for Improvement  

Impact of Objectives on Other Planning Units

Status Reports

Approval Status


For more information about Strategic Planning On Line (SPOL) or for help in accessing   the system, please contact Kim Lawing, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness at 362-7003 or

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