Announcing 2017 Summer Camps


CFCC Community Enrichment is offering eight FUN-TASTIC summer camps in 2017 for kids ages 8-15! For more information visit our Summer Camp Page.

Two NEW classes to keep you at your best!

We all want to stay active and healthy so we can enjoy life well into our senior years. Announcing two NEW classes to help us do just that! Click the title of each class below to download the class flyer!

Mindfulness for Stress and Pain Management

Course Code: 93927
Mondays, 6-7:30 pm May 8—June 19
WA-1045, Wilson Center
CFCC Downtown Wilmington Campus
Registration: $75 (9 contact hours)

Practicing mindfulness allows you to bring awareness to your mind and body at any given moment, helping you to slow down and live your life more fully. Learning how to become more focused, present and relaxed can also help you cope with stress related to any life circumstance, including pain and illness.

This course will help you:
– develop fundamental knowledge of the five formal practices of mindfulness
– learn the skills necessary to practice at home, bringing mindfulness into everyday life
– increase your capacity to experience life more fully and step out of “auto pilot” to function from a place of reason and presence

Yoga mats provided. Students should wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket to class.

Yoga Over 50

Course Code: 93926
Mondays, 4-5:30 pm May 8 – June 19
WA-1045, Wilson Center
CFCC Downtown Wilmington Campus
Registration: $75 (9 contact hours)

Want to do something about that achy, stiff body that crept up on you somewhere along the way? Or want to avoid getting that way? Are you recovering from or coping with acute or chronic pain or illness? Why not try yoga to help you stay at your best?

In this course, you will:
– learn about basic alignment and other important safety principles of yoga
– experience various yoga poses (seated, standing, prone, supine poses) and learn the benefits of each
– use breath work and stillness to enhance your yoga practice
– discover relaxation and meditation techniques

Yoga mats and blocks provided. Students should wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket to class.


About the Instructor

Paula Huffman has been practicing yoga since the 1970’s and has been an instructor of yoga for almost 20 years. Combining her education and work experience in the health care field with her teaching, Paula’s focus is on the healing and restorative aspects of yoga, along with the development of physical and spiritual awareness. Her style of teaching encourages a quiet, gentle, reflective approach with the belief that yoga can be adapted to meet students’ needs regardless of any limitations they may be experiencing.

She has taught Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Pain Management classes with the UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine Program on Integrative Medicine and to various organizations in the Raleigh area for over eight years. Her studies have included intensive trainings with the Center for Mindfulness at the UMass School of Medicine led by mindfulness pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn.


NEW! Introduction to Computers for Senior Adults







Technology is changing day by day and we live in a world where almost everything can be accessed by computer. Don’t miss out!

Want to learn more about using your desktop, laptop or notebook computer? Increase your comfort level and understanding of general computing concepts by starting with the basics in this three-hour introductory course specially designed for older adults.

Learn common technology terms, the various components of your computer, how to navigate Web pages using Google®, how to email and attach documents, how to store documents and files on a flash drive, and the very basics of word processing software such as Microsoft Word®.


Friday, March 3, 2017 1 – 4 pm
Location: NC Sorosis Clubhouse* 20 South Cardinal Drive Wilmington, NC 28403
Course Code: 92582
Cost: $30
Pre-registration is required. Register today at or at 402 N. Front Street, Wilmington, NC. Questions? Call 910.362.7254 or email

PLEASE NOTE: Computer stations are not available at this location. Please bring your own laptop or notebook computer, or you may also follow a demo provided by the instructor on a large screen.

*This class is offered in partnership with North Carolina Sorosis, a community service club that has been promoting volunteerism and improving the Wilmington community since 1896.

Fabulous February Fun!

Fall in love with a FUN personal enrichment class this February!

Fall in love with a FUN class this February! CFCC Community Enrichment has a great line-up of classes to ENRICH your life this month!

1/31-3/9: Intro to Ceramics (Building by Hand) – get your hands all gooey and make some fantastic functional art! See below for more information about this featured class.

2/1-2/15: Sewing Machine Basics – Want to take your hand-sewing skills to the next level? The first step is getting to know the machine. Grab a friend and sign up together.

2/2-2/16: Wellness: Mindful Meditation– This class is perfect for the beginning yogi.

2/2-3/23: Practical Video Production – A February featured class, see below.

2/4-2/25: Home Repair Basics– Save money and time by learning basic home repairs. Great for those who own rental properties too!

2/4- 3/11: “Yes, You Can Write” workshop – for writers of all skill-levels.

2/6-3/15: French for Beginners– Learn the language of love this February.

2/7: Pine Needle Baskets: Trivets & Coasters- Learn how to make a great DIY gift from natural, local materials!

2/7: IPhone Basics; 2/8: IPhone Basics Spanish Speakers – Get the most out of your iPhone by learning helpful tips & tricks.

2/8: Culinary Academy: Roasting Techniques– Learn the proper technique for perfectly-roasted meats and vegetables, and even learn to roast fruits for sauces and salads.

2/9- 3/2: Painting Bob Ross Technique– Good vibes only! Learn how to paint like the legendarily laid-back Bob Ross!

2/11: Culinary Chocolate Lava Cake– impress your Valentine with this decadent dessert.

2/13-3/22: Interior Decorating– Revamp you home this spring with chic decorating tips. You can even bring in photos and objects from your own home to learn your personal decorating style.

Check out this month’s featured classes:

Intro to Ceramics I (Building by Hand)

This class will provide an introduction to ceramics, focusing on hand-building methods such as slab-building, pinching and coil-building. Students will learn about the properties of clay and build functional items such as mugs, tiles and vases. Some materials needed; call (910) 362-7199 for a supply list. Wilmington campus. 36 hours. $130.
Course Code #91185   1/31/17 – 3/9/17    T/TH    5:30 – 8:30 pm   A-109

Practical Video Production
Are you an aspiring filmmaker, an amateur videographer, or perhaps an entrepreneur or employee interested in producing a short video as a business tool? This hands-on course in video production will focus on lighting, shooting and editing, and skills learned can be directly applied to the professional workplace or hobby applications. Students will learn how to operate digital video cameras, how to light and shoot live-action scenes, and how to edit video footage using Adobe Premiere or similar non-linear systems. As a final project, the class will create a short fiction or documentary film using the production techniques learned in class. Instructor Timothy Vandenberg has worked as a news photographer for WECT, produced a feature film and currently manages the television studio at CFCC. Wilmington Campus. 24 hours. $180.
Course Code #91186   2/2/17 – 3/23/17    TH    6 – 9 pm    L-220

Visit our current classes page for more details about each class!

NEW! Etsy Stores: Tips & Techniques for a Successful Business!

Etsy Stores: Tips and Techniques

To register with Web Advisor, CLICK HERE, then click on the yellow continuing education icon. Search for the class by entering the section number “87642” in the search bar.

Section 88322
Tuesdays this Fall, 6-8 pm 
Class meets September 20, 27 & October 4, 11
A-316, Galehouse Building, CFCC Downtown Wilmington Campus

Are you an artist, crafter or collector who would like to launch your own e-commerce business? Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade and vintage items such as art, crafts, photography, clothing, jewelry and food products. More than 25 million people regularly shop on Etsy, and over $2.4 billion in gross merchandise is sold per year.*

Etsy Stores: Tips & Techniques for a Successful Business will give you the basics you need to successfully establish and operate your own Etsy store. Classes will feature discussion, exploration and practical instruction geared toward each individual student.

Learn how to:
– create a name, product & objective for your store
– understand Etsy templates
– photograph your products
– write sample listings & descriptions
– curate your inventory
– package & ship your items
– increase your social media presence
– gain tools & techniques to manage your online business

About the Instructor

rachel chambersRachel is a Wilmington-based entrepreneur who specializes in the vintage field and in eCommerce based businesses. She has 10+ years in the resale industry and over 5 years of experience in the Etsy world. Her passion is to see others succeed at what they love. She is a small business consultant for Etsy and antique stores. And she has an extensive background in Social Media work. Rachel is a dedicated business owner who believes that life is too short to not explore your options.





Please note: this class is not affiliated with or endorsed by Etsy, Inc.

NEW! Interior Decorating: Design a Home that Makes You HAPPY!

Interior DecoratingWhy do some rooms appear lackluster while others shine with a chic, pulled-together look? Unlock your personal style with CFCC’s NEW Interior Decorating course, and create a home that makes you happy! Acclaimed interior designer and style expert Debby Gomulka can teach you to create dynamic focal points that will entice guests to come in and enjoy your beautiful home!


Classes meet Monday & Wednesday evenings, September 12 – October 19
at CFCC’s Castle Hayne campus, room NB-117 (interior design lab).
Pre-registration required. Class Section #88491. Cost: $140 for 24 hours instruction.

To register for this exciting new course, CLICK HERE and search for Section 88491!

In this class, you will:

  • Discover the history of architectural interiors and learn major design principles and elements.
  • Define your personal style—whether classic, modern, vintage, chic, coastal, urban or a mix.
  • Learn to create the WOW factor with color, texture & lighting.
  • Give your rooms personality and share your own story through collected artifacts.
  • Bring in plans and photos from your home and incorporate your existing pieces into a new design plan.

About the Instructor:

Debby GomulGomulkaka, ASID, founded award-winning Debby Gomulka Designs, LLC in 2000 after spending years in the furniture and design industry. Combining this experience with her family background in art and antique collecting gives Debby her comprehensive knowledge of interior design. Debby’s innate sense of style has graced many residences and offices throughout the Carolinas since her completion of the interior design program at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. The firm has participated in several Designer Showhouses in North and South Carolina, notably the Traditional Home Magazine Designer Showhouse at Adamsleigh Estate, in Greensboro, NC, the Charleston Magazine Symphony Designer Showhouse, and the ASID Women’s Club of Raleigh Designer Showhouse. Debby operates her design firm in historic downtown Wilmington, NC, and oversees all design projects.

Join the Summer Fun at CFCC!

Summer camp can be one of the most rewarding and unforgettable experiences in a child’s life. At Cape Fear Community College, we view each week of summer camp as an investment in the continued education, personal development, and renewal for each child. Thank you for considering CFCC Summer Camps for your child this year.

Our staff is dedicated to offering a camp program that immerses children in creative, fun, and educational activities. We are offering a variety of camps for children ages 8 – 13 that focus on: encouraging a sense of exploration and adventure (scuba), broadening cultural and creative horizons (Spanish and painting), and equipping your child with important home economic skills (sewing and culinary). Each camp will run Monday – Thursday from 9 AM – 1 PM, with a 30 minute lunch break. For more details and registration information, please visit:

2016 Summer Camps

2016 Summer Camps

Discover Scuba

Discover Scuba

Ingredients for cooking and cast iron skillet

Kids in the Kitchen

Sewing machine

Sew Much Fun

Spanish Immersion

Spanish Immersion

Paint brushes

Painting with Acrylics


Explore Dance at CFCC!

Announcing an all-new series of dance classes for adults 18 and up at CFCC!

Row of ballet dancers practicing at the barre in rehearsal room Hip hop dancer showing some movements one caucasian couple woman man dancing dancers salsa rock in silhouette studio isolated on white background

Intro to Hip Hop
Section #85504
Mondays & Wednesdays, 1 -2 pm, March 14 – April 6
Wilmington Campus, Humanities and Fine Arts Center, WA-1045
Cost $50

Have you ever wanted to dance like your favorite celebrities or YouTube stars? Hip hop is an ever-evolving genre which incorporates standard choreography, while also embracing the personal style of each dancer. This 8-hour class for adults will teach basic moves such as popping & locking, waving, ticking, sliding & gliding, and krumping, while allowing you to define your own musicality and approach. Comfortable dress encouraged.
Pre-Register Today!

Beginning Ballet
Section #85356
Tuesdays & Thursdays 12-1:30 pm, March 15-31
Wilmington Campus, Humanities and Fine Arts Center, WA-1045
Cost $55

Explore graceful movement while improving your balance, strength, flexibility and endurance. This 9-hour beginning Ballet class is for adults who have always wanted to dance or want to revisit their dancing days! This course will cover barre work, center floor, combinations, body placement, and a beginning vocabulary of movement. Comfortable dress encouraged.
Pre-Register Today!

Beginning Modern Dance
Section #85357

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 12 – 1:30 pm, April 12—28
Wilmington Campus, Humanities and Fine Arts Center, WA-1045
Cost $55

Modern dance is less restrictive than Ballet and focuses on expressing emotion through every movement. This 9-hour class for adults will introduce the teachings of legendary dancer/choreographer Martha Graham and will consist of floor work, center floor, and combinations in space. The Graham technique also greatly improves flexibility and strength. Comfortable dress encouraged.
Pre-Register Today!

Intro to Latin Social Dancing
Section #85501

Wednesdays & Fridays, 6-7 pm, April 13 – May 6
Wilmington Campus, Humanities and Fine Arts Center, WA-1045
Cost $50

Coordination. Confidence. Passion. Fun. There are many reasons to experience the vibrant world of Latin social dance! This 8-hour intro class will teach basic Bachata, Salsa and Merengue in a fun group setting. Each week will feature a new routine, with instruction in proper footwork, turns, holds and styling. Register with a partner or meet one in class. It’s all part of the social dancing experience!
Pre-Register Today!

Upcoming Classes: Valentine’s Edition


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may be looking for unique and romantic things to do with your partner. Or, maybe, you would just like to have a fun time with your friends. How about taking a class together? Join us next week for an evening (or two) at the CFCC Wilmington Campus and discover how fun it is to paint, dance, or cook with your Valentine (or your best friends). These classes are one-time hands-on experiences that will give you a snapshot of what we offer for personal enrichment classes.

 Art ClassPainting: Fun with Acrylics 
Date: Monday, February 8
Time: 6 – 9 pm
Location: Wilmington Campus, L-110
Cost: $30 (includes materials)

Want to make a personalized piece of art for your Valentine this year? Need a fun date idea? Try some art from the heart! This one-night course will allow novice painters to learn how to use acrylic paints in a fun, social atmosphere. Everyone will paint the same scene – an abstract ocean image – and will leave the class with a finished canvas they can display at home or give as a special gift!

Shoes Feet Legs Female Ballroom Dance Teacher DancerIntro to Latin Social Dancing
Date: Wednesday, February 10
Time: 6 – 7:30 pm
Location: Wilmington Campus, WA-1045
Cost: $10

Bring your sweetheart and ignite some passion through Latin dance! Or come alone and meet some new friends! This special preview class will give you a general overview of several Latin dances including basic Bachata, Salsa and Merengue. Having fun? You can join us the following week for a more in-depth 8-class series.

CrepesCulinary Techniques: The Romance of Crepes
Date: Saturday, February 13
Time: 9 am – 12 noon
Location: Wilmington Campus, U-517
Cost: $50

Immerse yourself into a French culinary adventure this Valentine’s weekend! The Culinary Techniques for the Home Cook series will introduce you to various skills and techniques to elevate food preparation and plating to a level that will impress family and friends. This class will cover the preparation of sweet and savory crepes, perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day meal!


Click HERE to view our online schedule. You can register online or or in person by visiting the Community Enrichment department located in the G building at 402 N. Front Street, Wilmington, NC. For more information, please call 910-362-7254.

Learn Woodturning Basics

Wood Turner on Work

Woodturning is a form of woodworking that is used to create wooden objects on a lathe (a machine in which a piece of wood is held and turned while being shaped by a tool). According to the American Association of Woodturners, “Historically, woodturning has been used to create functional objects like chair legs, candlesticks, and bowls. Today, lathe-turned work is also understood as an art form and vehicle for individual enrichment, creativity, and self-expression. It can be found in galleries and museums around the world. Pieces may be functional, ornamental, or even sculptural.”Woodturner classroom

Start creating beautiful wooden masterpieces in Woodturning Basics. You will learn the history of woodturning and receive a basic introduction to woodturning, tools, techniques, and products. You will turn and create several different items during class. Your instructors, from the Wilmington Area Woodturners Association (WAWA), will offer ideas on setting up a woodturning workshop and marketing your products.


Class: Woodturning Basics
Dates: March 3 – April 14
Times: Thursdays, 6:00 – 10:00 pm
Location: North Campus, NB-140
Cost: $130 (includes textbook, equipment, tools, and a wood blank kit)