The Fall 2019 Continuing Education Catalog is Here!

Packed with enriching classes for Fall 2019. Community Enrichment classes begin on page 28! Click on the photo below to view the catalog.

Our Fall 2019 lineup of classes is pretty jazzy!

Our new Community Big Band class allows students to be part of a community swing jazz big band, and is open to woodwind, brass, percussion and keyboard instruments.

Get back into the SWING of things this fall with an enriching class! Registration for Fall 2019 Community Enrichment classes is now open. Visit and search by key word to find your perfect class. We have over 75 to choose from, including these all-new topics:

  • Community Big Band, specializing in music from the swing jazz era
  • Culinary Class Series
    • Central and South American Cuisine (12 hours)
    • Seasonal French Cuisine (12 hours)
    • Seasonal Italian Cuisine (12 hours)
    • Make-Ahead Holiday Favorites (12 hours)
    • Asian Dumplings (2 hours)
    • Intro to Mother Sauces (2 hours)
    • Salsa Three Ways (2 hours)
    • Sweet Potatoes 101 (2 hours)
    • Vinaigrettes (2 hours)
  • Furniture Refinishing Series
    • Decoupaged Wooden Coat Rack
    • Diy Gift Bags, Wrap, & Ribbon
    • Diy Botanical Transfer Art
  • Grow Gourmet Mushrooms at Home – new online class!
  • Guitar 101
  • Guitar 102
  • Home Organizing Series
    • Organizing: Get it Together I
    • Organizing: Get it Together II
    • Organizing: Plan Like a Pro
  • Modern Standard Arabic for Beginners
  • PowerPoint for Seniors
  • Woodworking Series
    • Intro to Woodworking
    • Woodworking; Build a Custom Frame
    • Woodworking: Build a Cutting Board