Changing Your Program

Oh no!  I think I’m in the wrong program.  What do I do?  Stop…think…discuss options with a Cape Fear Community College counselor!  It’s normal for a college student to discover they need to change their academic plan.  They may take a class that ignites a passion they never knew they had.  They discover what they wanted, isn’t what they thought it would be.  Or…life throws them a curve.


Students can change an academic plan, but are encouraged to consider the following:

  • Changing an academic plan has the potential to impact Financial Aid.
  • Changing an academic plan may result in a student needing to take additional courses thus taking longer to complete.
  • Changing an academic plan may delay entry into the workforce.
  • Changing an academic plan should be what is best for you, therefore done with careful consideration.
  • Before changing an academic plan, you may want to work with a professional in Career Services to consider options that are a fit for you.

 How Can I Change My Program of Study?  You have TWO options!

  • Meet with a CFCC Counselor at either Downtown or North Campus.  Complete a “Major Change of Program” form when you arrive which includes current program, and an understanding of potential impact on Financial Aid.
  • Submit your request to On-line Counseling – select Academic Counseling.  Include your full name, student ID#, CFCC email address (only), current program of study, new program of study and any additional information related to your request.  (Note:  Requests using personal email accounts will not receive a response.)