Changing Your Program

Oh no!  I think I’m in the wrong program.  What do I do?  It’s normal for a college student to discover they need to change their academic plan.  They may take a class that ignites a passion they never knew they had.  They discover what they wanted, isn’t what they thought it would be.  Or…life throws them a curve.

Students planning to change their program are encouraged to FIRST make an appointment with Karin Parker, Career Counselor. Take time to consider your skills, strengths, abilities, values and interests.  Examine your prior work experience.  What did you enjoy?  What didn’t you like?  Taking time to do this often prevents students from changing their program more than once.


Students can change an academic plan, but are encouraged to consider the following:

  • Changing an academic plan has the potential to impact Financial Aid.
  • Changing an academic plan may result in a student needing to take additional courses, thus taking longer to complete a program.
  • Changing an academic plan may delay entry into the workforce.
  • Changing an academic plan should be what is best for you, therefore done with careful consideration.

 How Can I Change My Program of Study?  You have TWO options!

  1. Meet with a CFCC Counselor at either the Downtown or North Campus.  Complete a “Major Change of Program” form when you arrive which includes student ID#, current program, new program, and an understanding of potential impact on financial aid.
  2. Submit your request to On-line Counseling.  Include your full name, student ID#, CFCC email address (only), current program of study, new program of study and any additional information related to your request.  ALL requests must be sent from your CFCC email only.