Steps to Academic Success

Our goal…is to help you achieve your goal!  We ask students to “take control” of their educational plans and reach out for the support they need to be successful.  Our world is interdependent, therefore we encourage CFCC students to ask for assistance when they need help to accomplish their goals each semester.


Top FIVE Tips from Students…for Students!

  1. Attend Class(es) – You’ve paid for it!  Get the most from your educational dollars.  Be in class.  CFCC enforces an attendance policy to encourage your success!  (Yes…this means on-line classes too!)
  2. Manage Your Time – Work?  Play sports?  Responsible for childcare?  Time management is important for all college students.  For every hour you are in class, you should be spending 2-3 hours of review and preparation outside of class.  Don’t procrastinate!
  3. Know Your Faculty – Unsure about something in the syllabus?  Not sure about an assignment?  Your instructors can help you clarify their expectations.
  4. Know Your Program of Study – All students at CFCC have a program that they are working toward.  Check your “Program Evaluation” in WebAdvisor as you select your classes.  (NOTE:  Health Science students should not rely on the Program Evaluation at this time.  Please refer to the intended program Information Packet and/or consult with your Advisor.)
  5. Get Involved – Use your college experience as an opportunity to network, stay fit, become part of our greater CFCC community.  Learning…doesn’t just take place in the classroom.

CFCC Campus Resources

ACA 111/122 (Campus/Course) CFCC offers student success course(s) that include tips, strategies and opportunities for students to create a personalized plan to help them achieve their goals.  ACA122 is designed for transfer students specifically.

Academic Calendar  When do classes start or end?  When is the last day you can drop/add each semester.  Check the Academic Calendar often!

Activities  College isn’t just about taking classes.  Get involved in activities that help you grow personally and make connections.

CFCC Student HelpDesk  Can’t figure out your log-in?  Trouble with your password?  Need assistance with your e-mail or WebAdvisor account access?  Visit – A Building Lobby (Downtown) or NA-208 (North Campus) of CALL:  (910) 362.4357.

Drop/Withdraw from Classes  Think before you withdraw from a course.  Familiarize yourself with possible financial or grade penalties.  Now available on-line in WebAdvisor!

Graduation  Congrats!  Your hard work has paid off.  Now it’s time to submit an “Intent to Graduate.”

Khan Academy (On-line)  Offers audio/video tutorials in many subject areas.

Learning Lab  (Campus)  Link to location and hours at Downtown and North Campus

Minority Male Mentoring  MP3 is a campus organization with a focus on student success!

Not Getting the Grade You Want?  (On-line) Study skills…with a twist!  Video highlights how to prepare for tests…which isn’t just reading your notes!

Online Learning Tutorial  Planning to take an on-line or hybrid course?  Not sure about how to use Blackboard tools?  Check this out before the semester begins.

Orientation/On-line:  Did you miss in-person orientation?  Do you need to revisit some of the topics that were covered when you first started at CFCC?

Study Skills – Quick Tips!

Transcripts  Ready to graduate?  Need a copy of your CFCC transcripts?

If you found other resources that have been helpful to you, let us know!  We’ll add it to our list for other students to access.