Cape Fear Community College

Cape Fear Community College
Guarantee to Employers

Cape Fear Community College guarantees that its graduates are proficient in the areas of knowledge and basic skills covered by our education programs.

Graduates not meeting their employer's entry level expectations during the first year following graduation may be referred, by the employer, back to CFCC for retraining, provided the employer's entry level expectations are consistent with those skills and competencies routinely taught in the college program from which the employee graduated and further provided that the graduate earned a minimum grade of "C" in the course or courses in which the skill or competency should have been mastered.

The Career Planning and Job Placement Center, after determining the precise nature of the deficiency in conjunction with appropriate college departments and the graduate and his/her employer, will arrange to enroll the graduate in up to three applicable courses at the College. The additional training will be provided at no charge to the graduate other than books and supplies. The College reserves the right to notify advisory committees and curriculum committees of the College and the Board of Trustees of specific claims made under this guarantee so that any needed program adjustments can be considered.

Students who are referred back to CFCC for retraining must permit the College to give the employer any information, deemed appropriate by the College, that might help explain the student's lack of proficiency. This information may include grades and/or attendance records. The Guarantee becomes null and void if the graduate refuses to let the College provide such information to the employer.

This Guarantee applies to graduates of two-year Associate in Applied Science Degree Programs and one-year Diploma Programs. The exclusive remedy under this guarantee is as provided herein and is intended solely as a statement of educational commitment to employers. It is not intended to create any specific legal rights or causes of action whatsoever.

Approved by the CFCC Board of Trustees on July 20, 1995