Mike Brining: Art Show for Wilmington

The Wilma Daniels Gallery will be featuring the work of Mike Brining during the Art Show for Wilmington exhibit from August 6th – September 28th. The Gallery will be hosting an Opening Reception August 24th 6-9 pm and a Closing Reception September 28th 6-9pm. Mike Brining will be invited to perform an artist talk on September 5th from 2pm – 3:30pm.

Life has many twists and turns to it. The coin of uncertainty has often come up both heads and tails in my career. Throughout my life one thing has remained true, my love of Art. It is the only thing that holds for me the prospect of being able to give to others more than I can receive in return. This idea characterizes my work. My thoughts, my feelings and what I see are all that I can offer as a contribution to this world. What I produce is the product of this aspiration. Art has led me to see from a different perspective things otherwise ignored and the importance of how, for reasons of self, it is so easy to disparage the needs of all creatures and all that there is in this world. Art has shown me how change can be used as a tool for the purposes of good and how important this idea is for the future. I ask that you take a step with me along the road of experience to see things differently for the good of all that there is in this world, this place, in which we live together. Working as an Artist for almost 40 years I have realized that I still can learn something about painting. My latest endeavor has been to paint the moods of my pasture, not from the viewpoint of a viewer, but rather from the standpoint of the pasture looking at you.

-Mike Brining

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