This year we would like to commemorate a special exhibit coming out of the No Boundaries Internation Art Colony. Not only has it been an amazing 20 years working with local and international artists, but to have the honor of those once selected in previous years have been asked to come back to share in that celebration. The Featuring artists are: Sergej Andreevski, Macedonia; Fritzi Huber, USA; Eric Lawing, USA; Luc Marelli, France/Switzerland; Innocent Nkurunziza, Rwanda; Gönül Nuhoğlu, Turkey; Gerlinde Pistner, Germany; Dick Roberts (Founder), USA; Arrow Ross, Denmark/USA; Lone Seeberg, Denmark; Pamela Toll (Founder), USA; Gayle Tustin (Founder), USA; Barbara Anne Thomas (UNCW Art Intern)

The Wilma Daniels Gallery is excited to announce a new exhibit featuring the work of Joan Farrenkopf. Joan is a local NC artist who creates large scale installation. Joan will be featuring her next installation within the courtyard of the Wilson Center, the Wilma Daniels Gallery will present a projected showcase of her amazing work. In the artist’s own words, the basis of her art making is experiential, involving direct intimacy with the natural world through the senses, prior to intellectual conscious thought. It uses elements of wind, water, color and time with interaction and playfulness.

This month we would like to welcome Grey Pascal to the Wilma Daniels Gallery. He brings us an immersive installation that allows you to surround yourself with soft lit forms that give the viewer both contemplative and whimsical thoughts. Watch the artist’s performance below to share in the experience of Vital Archives, for it lives in the memory of the moment.

We would like to welcome our next featured artist, Janette Hopper with her exhibit Natural Milieu: An Altered Point View, Recent Works and New Genre Collaborations. The show depicts the artist’s deep love of the sea and forest using different mediums from oil paintings, multimedia prints, Projections, sound and installation. Natural Milieu will be up from May 15th through June 23rd. We will be having an Opening Reception May 26 and a closing Reception on June 23rd from both 6-9pm. There will also be a panel discussion titled Perspectives on Overpopulation on Wednesday June 14th from 4-6pm so please come down to Cape Fear to explore the connections we have with nature.

Janette K Hopper’s artwork in the “Natural Milieu” of the Wilma Daniels Gallery at Cape Fear Community College is unique and multifaceted.  This deeply layered and varied show expresses her love of the sea and forest.  Projections, oil paintings, multimedia prints, sounds, a collaborative panel discussion and 3-D installations both interactive and contemplative will fill the gallery with imagery and sound. The artist comments about the works: “Combining varied methods and media makes a deeply layered and unpredictable art which challenges both the artist and all of us to wrestle with, confront and try to solve difficult problems in our world by raising consciousness and inspiring change.  Joining forces with collaborators with the idea that we are stronger together rather than alone to address these urgent needs of nature; we invite you to join us and work locally.”


These are the pieces that were submitted and accepted from our 2017 Annual Student Art Show. We are proud to showcase this amazing set of works from Cape Fear Community. The work was judges in the categories: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Ceramics, Metals and Jewelry, Sculpture, 2D Design, 3D Design, Digital Media, and Mixed Media and the winning pieces have been marked and labeled in which category. We would like to thank out Judge, Clair Hartmann for taking her time to help jury the show, The Student Art Club for help and guidance with the show, and Erica Shapiro from Sweet and Savory for catering.

Hello everyone! I am happy to announce that the Annual Student Show will be coming up this April. Below you will find links for the prospectus and registration forms for the show with its guidelines and Important Dates. Submissions are being accepted Monday March 27th and Tuesday March 28th. Look for email announcements about accepted works on April 1st and 2nd.  The Show will run from April 5- May 5th. If you have any questions please call the Wilma Daniels Gallery at:(910) 362-7252 or email the gallery technician at:

2017 Student Show Prospectus

2017 Registration Form

The Wilma Daniels Gallery is excited to announce our next exhibit. Please help us welcome “Girls Thriving: A Homes of Hope Story in India”, A Photo Exhibition by Arrow Ross. This photography series portrays the dramatic transition of poor village girls into competent, trained young women ready to face the demands of the 21st Century work world. The show will be up from February 20th-March 24th and the receptions are February 24 and March 24th from 6-9pm. We hope to see you during our 4th Friday events from 6-9pm, and during our regular hours here at the gallery, Monday-Friday 12-5pm.

This month we welcome the David Poppe Collection of Psychedelic Posters. David Poppe has been collecting Vintage posters for the last 50 years that symbolize the culture, thoughts, and ideals of the mid 60’s to mid 70’s. Over 100 posters from the psychedelic era that brings nostalgia and ideas that are still relatable to today’s generation.

It’s that time of year again to welcome the artists from the No Boundaries Colony and see the beautiful works they create while residing on Bald Head Island. The show will be up from November 19th to December 30 with a lecture taking place on December 8th from 4-5pm. All the artists visiting the colony are local North Carolina artists including:

Ben Billingsley – Wilmington, NC; Richard Conn – Wilmington, NC; Nat Dickinson – Asheville, NC; Brandon Guthrie – Wilmington, NC; Chip Hemingway – Wilmington, NC; Rebecca Jones – Charlotte, NC; Anne Lindberg – Wilmington, NC; Shaun Richardson – Raleigh, NC; Vicky Smith – Wilmington, NC; Gayle Tustin – Wilmington, NC; Genevieve VanZandt – Asheville, NC; Mark Weber – Wilmington, NC; Lizz Well – Wilmington, NC; Katherine Wolf Webb – Wilmington, NC

The Wilma W. Daniels Gallery will be hosting the Annual Faculty Art show from October 4th to November 11th. The gallery will also have a reception this 4th Friday on October 28th from 6-9 pm. We have over 50 pieces from the amazing instructors here at Cape Fear featuring:

Kendall Martin, Abigail Perry, Geoff Calabrese, Melissa Manley, Daniel Samppala, Kevin Dunn, Richard Conn, Brandon Guthrie, Jennifer Mace, Deborah O’Rourke Quinn, Ben Billingsley, Jeremy Millard, Casey Scharling, Victoria Paige, and Kirah Van Sickle.