Patients Rights & Responsibilities

Statement of Patient’s Rights

As a patient in the Cape Fear Community College Dental Clinic you have the right, consistent with law to:

  1. Receive treatment without discrimination as to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.
  2. Request accommodation for a disability by completing the “Request for Accommodation” form in advance, so as to provide the college sufficient and adequate time to meet your needs. You may obtain this form from the Admissions office.
  3. Receive considerate and respectful care in a clean and safe environment free of unnecessary restraints.
  4. Know the names, positions, and functions of any dental instructors, staff, and students in the Dental Clinic who are involved in your care.
  5. Refuse treatment, examination, or observation by any instructor or student before or after being informed what effect this may have on your health.
  6. Receive complete information about your further treatment needs and any referral that is advised.
  7. Receive all the information that you need to give informed consent for any proposed procedure of treatment. This information shall include the possible risks and benefits of the procedure or treatment as well as the cost.
  8. Have confidentiality of all information and records regarding your care.
  9. Review your record and obtain a copy of your record upon written request.
  10. Receive dental hygiene treatment that meets the standard of care.
  11. Share concerns about the care and service you receive without fear of reprisals, and have the clinic supervisor respond to you. All concerns should be directed to the Dental Clinic Supervisor.

Statement of Patient’s Responsibilities

As a patient in the Cape Fear Community College Dental Clinic, you have responsibilities as well as rights. You have the responsibility to:

  1. Share honestly and completely your medical and dental history, previous illnesses, hospitalizations, exposure to communicable diseases, information about medications and allergies and your current medical care.
  2. Follow treatment recommendations and ask questions about anything you do not understand.
  3. Keep scheduled appointments and give at least 48 hours advance notice if unable to keep your scheduled appointment.
  4. Be prompt for your appointments. It is important that students have adequate time to deliver complete care.
  5. Be an active participant in the dental care of yourself and your family. Ask questions to clarify the nature of your dental health and treatment provided.
  6. Contact your personal dentist for regular dental care and dental hygiene care if you are not selected as a patient or have not been contacted by the time your regular check up is due. The Dental Clinic cannot guarantee regular, periodic cleaning appointments for anyone.


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Daphne C. Honeycutt, CDA, COA
Patient Coordinator Dental Clinic
Phone: (910) 362-7341