Alternative Format Order Form

* This form is for students already registered with Disability Services and have Alternate Format as an approved accommodation. *
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    Class Prefix: MAT171 | Section: NO2 | Instructor: M. Smith

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    • Processing your alternative textbook order may take up to 3 weeks.
    • If requesting a digital form of your textbook, a receipt for the printed material and the hard copy must be given to DSS BEFORE the digital copy can be given (Copyright laws).
    • If the textbook is available through Learning Ally or Bookshare, then purchase of the printed material is optional. DSS does not require a receipt.
    • If the textbook must be scanned, the binder will be broken and pages returned in a spiral binder. Re-sell is not guaranteed.
    • You MUST sign an agreement with DSS regarding the use of the alternate format material before the material will be released to you.