Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is any device or software that is used by individuals with disabilities in order to aid them in everyday activities. Cape Fear Community College has a wide variety of Assistive Technology. Please do not hesitate to ask a Disability Support Services staff member about the Assistive Technology we offer.

The following programs and devices are available at our Downtown and North Campuses:

  • ClassMate Readers: Useful for students who have trouble focusing on text and prefer to listen.
  • Digital recorders: For students who prefer to listen to lectures multiple times to assist with note-taking and studying.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking: Dragon Naturally Speaking: A dictation software. Students simply speak and Dragon will transform their voice into written text. Great for students who have trouble getting their ideas down onto paper, or who struggle with typing or writing by hand.
  • Flipper– A low vision magnifier uses a rotating camera design to magnify up to 30x near and 1x to 12x for distance. This magnification system can be connected to a TV screen or computer monitor.
  • FM and Infrared Transmitters: The instructor’s voice is sent from a microphone directly to headphones the student is wearing. Every classroom in the Union Station Building is equipped with Infrared Transmitters.
  • JAWS– This screen reader software is designed to allow users with visual impairments to use a computer and navigate the Internet without using a mouse. JAWS reads the on screen text and the user navigates using keyboard commands.
  • Read & Write Gold: A software program that reads textbooks aloud. It has a built in dictionary and thesaurus. It also assists students with writing assignments.
  • SmartPens: An audio recorder that actually saves handwritten notes associated with the recording. Students can upload everything onto their computers to review later.
  • Talking Calculator– A calculator with audio output.
  • Text Reader Software– Free downloads are available for students to “try out” on the Learning Lab computer workstation before downloading to their personal computers. The following are available:
    • Read Please
    • Natural Reader 2
    • Help Read
    • Microsoft Reader
  • VideoEye!: A camera that works in connection with a computer monitor that easily navigates and enlarges paper documents and textbooks.
  • ZoomText: A simple screen magnifier with useful color manipulation tools.

Office locations and hours:

Phone 910-362-7800
For NC Relay Service for Video Phone or TTY: Dial 7-1-1
Fax: 910-362-7745

Downtown Campus: Union Station, Suite 218.

Office hours:

Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Downtown Campus Map

North Campus: McKeithan Center, 100H.

To ensure staff availability, please call 910-362-7800 to schedule an appointment to be seen at the North Campus location.

North Campus Map