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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) is available for students to increase functional capabilities. Disability Services attempts to insure that the AT is available to meet the needs of students with documented disabilities. Please follow this link for Assistive Technology Tutorials.

The following Assistive Technology is available at CFCC:

Downtown Campus Learning Lab

The items with an asterisk * in the list below (Downtown Campus Learning Lab) are available in the Learning Lab on the North Campus as well.

Kurzweil 3000- This software can access printed or electronic documents and read the text aloud.  The text is highlighted on the computer screen while it is read.  Printed material can be scanned and converted to MP3 audio files.

*JAWS- This screen reader software is designed to allow users with visual impairments to use a computer and navigate the Internet without using a mouse.  JAWS reads the on screen text and the user navigates using keyboard commands.

*ZoomText- ZoomText enlarges and enhances everything on the screen with magnification up to 16x.

*EclipseReader and EaseReader- This software enables the user to play RFB&D AudioPlus books on a PC.

*Dragon Naturally Speaking- This software allows the user to dictate to the computer and watch text appear. Users can dictate to virtually any Windows based application.

TextAloud- This software converts text to spoken audio.

*WordQ- This word prediction software is used along with standard writing software.  It suggests words to use and provides spoken feedback to help users find mistakes.

SpeakQ- Speech recognition software that allows the user to generate text by speaking.

*Text Reader Software- Free downloads are available for students to “try out” on the Learning Lab computer workstation before downloading to their personal computers.  The following are available:

  • Read Please
  • Natural Reader 2
  • Help Read
  • Microsoft Reader

Victor Reader Vibe, Victor Reader Wave, Victor Reader Classic Plus- Playback devices for RFB&D audioplus books.  The Vibe readers are portable and can be checked out.  See Disability Support Services to do so.

Raised Line Stylus - Equipment for tactile expressions.

North Campus Learning Lab

The items with an asterisk * in the list above (Downtown Campus Learning Lab) are available in the Learning Lab on the North Campus as well.  The following items are also available at the North Campus:

Vibe Reader- Playback devices for RFB&D audioplus books are available for use in the North Campus Learning Lab.

Flipper- A low vision magnifier uses a rotating camera design to magnify up to 30x near and 1x to 12x for distance.  This magnification system can be connected to a TV screen or computer monitor.  This system is portable and can be moved to classrooms as needed.  Contact Disability Support Services to make arrangements for classroom use.

Other Technology

FM Receivers-The instructor wears a FM transmitter and microphone.  The receiver picks up the signal form the microphone and routes it to a personal hearing device.

Talking Calculator- A calculator with audio output is available in Disability Support Services.

Romeo Braille Embosser and Duxbury Software- This software provides Braille transcription for students who are blind.

Students who need Assistive Technology are encouraged to contact Disability Services to obtain support in gaining the necessary AT.  The Learning Lab staff is available to provide training in using the AT.

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Accessibility Services

Cape Fear Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, political affiliation or age.