Attendance/ Make Up Work Procedure

1) Absences related to the documented disability on file are the only absences eligible for make-up work/ attendance waiver accommodation.

2) Student must be making satisfactory progress in the course to use this accommodation. If the student gets too far behind, the faculty member might advise the student to withdraw.

3) Absences must be addressed in a timely manner for the accommodation to apply.

4) When the student has a disability related absence, it is the student’s responsibility to contact DSS and the instructor within 24 hours.

5) It is the student’s responsibility to provide DSS with appropriate documentation that the absence is disability related (as deemed necessary by DSS).

6) The student must submit make-up work per the instructor’s time frame.

7) It is important to maintain communication with DSS and the instructor.

8) This accommodation cannot apply in classes or situations where attendance is considered essential such as labs, group projects or activities, shops, clinical settings, etc.

Additional information can be found by accessing the Faculty/Staff Training Module and clicking the “Make-up Work” tab.

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