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Interpreter Services Guidelines

  1. All deaf and/or hard of hearing students who wish to have interpreter or amplification support and accommodations should contact Maria Ortado, Interpreter Coordinator, in room U218, 910-362-7098.
  2. All students in the above category are encouraged to also apply for services through The N.C. Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, so that DVRS and Cape Fear Community College resources can be combined in services to these students.
  3. All students referenced above are to furnish CFCC with documentation of their disability, the functional limitations that will impact their participation in their CFCC curriculum and what accommodations they may need.
  4. Students will agree to communicate with their assigned interpreter(s) regarding any changes in their class and/or tutoring schedules as contracted. Failure to comply with contract(s) or repeated failure to notify their interpreter and the Interpreter Coordinator at least 24 hours in advance of absences will result in a mandatory counseling meeting with the Disability Services Coordinator and the Interpreter Coordinator.
  5. Students are strongly encouraged to utilize the tutoring support services provided by the Learning Lab in the library along with their interpreter(s) according to student need and interpreter availability.
  6. When interpreter coverage is logistically impossible or temporarily unavailable, Disability Services will arrange for teacher accommodations and student support via videotaping of class or other reasonable/effective accommodations as suggested by the student and/or teacher.

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Accessibility Services

Cape Fear Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, political affiliation or age.