ECE Program Mission

The mission of the CFCC Early Childhood Associate Degree Program is to prepare individuals for careers in the early childhood profession.  The program aims for individuals to attain content knowledge and understanding of theories, approaches, standards, and competencies needed in building relationships and working with young children (infancy through middle childhood) and their families.

Our focus is to integrate students’ knowledge and understanding in theories of child development; children’s social, emotional, cognitive, creative, language and physical development; authentic assessment, and developmentally appropriate practices with hands-on experiences involving young children in diverse settings.  Students combining theory and content knowledge with field experiences will be better prepared to provide quality child care and education and become competent early childhood professionals.

NAEYC Accredited Early Childhood Higher Education Program

NAEYC Accreditation

The CFCC Early Childhood Associate Degree Program is accredited through NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children-Early Childhood Higher Education Programs).

NAEYC Conceptual Framework

NAEYC Standards