Renewable Energy

E.D.E.N. Engineering  Department’s Energy Network


“Re-creating the way we live”

By incorporating renewable energy, recycled materials and sustainable principles  into an efficient, environmentally friendly building design…

Why? What is the Purpose?


To Harness the Earth’s Energy from Renewable Sources….

In the News

  • CFCC shows off it’s green technology on WWAY
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Say Hello to EVE


Electronic Voice Enabler recognizes spoken commands and responds with the appropriate actions.  HomeSeer Technologies LLC is a leading provider of home automation software, controllers and related services designed specifically for custom electronics installers and consumers. HomeSeer created the first “fully trainable voice recognition” home automation system.  Instructions can be spoken and programmed by one person, and EVE will still recognize and complete the command when spoken by another person.

In the classroom, we use EVE to remotely control lights, and perform tasks on the PC such as open and close computer programs.  She can login online and access the most current weather conditions.  She uses motion sensors to announce visitors coming and going.  She can access online maps and generate directions for specific destinations. She can even track the space station. She can also lecture on certain topics, including Java programming.