Attendance Policy

Updated (8/28/2014):

CFCC no longer maintains a campus wide attendance policy for students.  Students are required to attend each of their courses at least once by the census date, and each faculty member is required to publish his/her course attendance requirements on the first day handout.


Updated (2/18/14):

The chairs and deans support the attendance change and the proposal will now go to the Student Services Committee and then to College Council.


Initial Post (10/12/2013):

The Faculty Association would like to pursue a revision of the current CFCC global attendance policy (20% absence policy) to a policy that leaves the attendance requirement in all CFCC courses up to the discretion of the individual instructor of the course. Such a change would necessitate that each instructor clearly state their attendance requirements on each of the syllabi/first day handouts of each of their classes and record the attendance of each student for the first 10% of course meetings.

Progress on the pursuit of such a policy will be documented on this page and meetings had already begun on this matter in the Spring of 2013. Updates will come soon.