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Supervisor Evaluations and Faculty/Employee Evaluations

Updated (2/12/15):

The Evaluation Task Force continues to work on improving employee evaluations and implementing supervisor evaluations. The Task Force has agreed on a format for the Employee Evaluation form and has voted on a Supervisor Evaluation form. Conversation has been postponed for a few weeks pending the arrival of our new Human Resources Director, Elaine Doell.

Updated (10/18/2014):

The Evaluation Task Force’s first year of work resulted in the removal of the numbering system used on the current evaluation instrument effective spring 2014. Additionally, two sub-committees were formed.  One sub-committee was charged with developing a Faculty/Staff Evaluation instrument and the second sub-committee was assigned the development of a Supervisor Evaluation procedure and form.  Both sub-committees gave presentations of their work to the Task Force as a whole on 10/15/2014. The Task Force is now in the process of discussing and revising the documents for presentation to the Administration.

Update (10/1/2013):

An ad hoc committee of the Faculty Association was formed in the Spring of 2013 and has produced a chair evaluation form and procedure. The process of chair evaluations is a high priority initiative of the Faculty Association in 2013-2014 and progress on that will be documented on this page as it occurs.

Initial Post (9/12/2013)

John Upton and Shane Oakley are working on forming a task force that will work on overhauling the current employee evaluation process as it applies to faculty and staff.  The task force will also pursue the development of a system for faculty to evaluate their chairs, so these two initiatives have been combined into one.  Any faculty interested in being a part of this task please contact Shane Oakley ( There are a limited number of seats on the task force and equal representation from CAS faculty and Votech faculty is desired.  The task force will present an opportunity to have a role in creating a new and improved system of evaluation for faculty and staff as well as mechanism for bottom-up evaluation of chairs by their respective faculty members.

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