Updated (8/17/15):

The Faculty Association formed an Ad Hoc Committee to work on a Drop/Add Policy. The Committee has been asked to look at the Drop/Add practices of five other NCCC institutions of comparable size. That task has been completed and a rough draft of a Drop/Add Policy has been drafted. The Ad Hoc Committee will resume meeting Fall 2015.

Updated (2/12/15):

A meeting was held in December to discuss this matter; however, there has been no change in the reinstatement of a Drop/Add policy. Please note that the Drop/Add Policy for which the FA is advocating is a technology-centered change, which would be handled via WebAdvisor. The Faculty Association, along with the SGA, will continue to pursue this issue.

Updated (10/18/2014):

Based on survey results, an overwhelming majority of Faculty support the reinstatement of a Drop/Add period for students.  The Faculty Association is developing a proposal to be presented to Student Services regarding reinstating Drop/Add.  After initial meetings with the VP of Student Services the prospects appear promising.

Initial Post (9/18/2013):

The SGA approached the Faculty Association in the Fall of 2012 with nearly 1000 student signatures in favor of re-instituting a drop/add period for students at the beginning of each semester.  The SGA requested the assistance of the Faculty Association in moving the request through the process.  The general view of the Faculty Association is that we should have a drop/add period at the beginning of each semester to benefit the needs of students.  Moreover, the institution of a drop/add period at the beginning of each semester would make it much easier to develop a student-centered academic calendar given state and local constraints on the process of calendar creation.

The officers of the Faculty Association will continue working with Instructional and Student Services administrators on drop/add.  Accounts of the results of meetings on this matter will be documented on this page, which will be updated in the near future.