Faculty & Staff Salary Increase Campaign

Updated (2/12/15):

On January 24, Shane Oakley met with the NCCC State Faculty Association Executive Board and Dr. Scott Ralls, North Carolina Community College System President in the capacity of VP of Internal Affairs for NCCCFA. Shane is also in contact with the NCCCS Legislative Liaison regarding the most advantageous times to communicate with legislators. At this point, all contingents are coordinating on this issue (Presidents Association, Trustees Association, and System Office). Locally, the Faculty/Staff Campaign Committee has launched the following video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8AzCzGAyUY&feature=youtu.be) and website  (www.betterthanthebottom.com) to provide information to all, collect signatures on the salary petition, and give everyone the opportunity to send an email to the legislators. Signing the petition and sending the emails takes less than 5 minutes. This is a staff and faculty campaign. The email is written and all of the email addresses are provided. CFCC Employees must use their own personal email accounts on their own time to communicate with legislators on the matter of faculty and staff salary increases.

Updated 1/21/2015

On behalf of the group of staff and faculty that worked tirelessly last semester on what will be a statewide campaign to get salary increases for us all, we are proud to share a link to a video starring current students that several members of the group produced.  The video is one minute, so please take a look.


As stated in the video, our campaign website is www.betterthanthebottom.com.  There you will find a way to support the campaign to make all of our lives better with an adequate salary increase.  Shane is working with the system office and the state Faculty Association to distribute this across the state.  It takes less than five minutes to participate.  It starts here with each and everyone of us though and we hope that each of you will serve your own interest and ours and participate.  We thank the salary campaign group for their hard work!

Updated (11/4/2014):

The ad hoc committee has met three times to date to establish a slogan and Facebook page name.  Committee members are encouraged to like the page in order to obtain editing rights.

Initial Post (10/18/2014):

Faculty and staff are collaborating on a campaign to educate our colleagues, students, and the community regarding the value of the Community College system.  Interesting facts include that community college employees are paid 15th out of the 16 states located in the Southeast region. Ironically, the cost of North Carolina Community College tuition also ranks 15th out of those same 16 Southeastern states.

An ad hoc committee is currently developing a system for information dissemination which will include a Facebook page. Suggestions are always welcome and time is of the essence.