Faculty Titles

Updated (8/17/15):

The Faculty Association presented the Faculty Title Proposal to Elaine Doell, Chief HR Officer in March 2015. The Faculty Association is currently awaiting feedback on the Proposal.

Updated (2/13/15):

The Ad Hoc Faculty Title Committee has finalized a draft of the suggested process and applications for the Faculty Titles initiative. On February 4th, the Committee shared the documents with all full-time faculty members to gather feedback and suggestions via a Questionnaire. The Questionnaire will remain open through February 15, 2015. The results will be shared once the data is gathered.

Updated (11/4/2014):

The ad hoc committee has met and are currently editing faculty titling documents including an application, criteria for each title, and processes for selection.  The committee will meet again Wednesday, 11/12, at 2:00 in S-604 with the goal of finalizing the previously mentioned application form, title criteria, and selection process.

Initial Post (10/18/2014):

The Faculty Association has formed an Ad Hoc committee to explore Faculty titling.  Many North Carolina Community Colleges offer positions such as Professor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Full or Senior Professor.  The committee is researching application procedures and requirements from other colleges to formulate a proposal to be submitted to the appropriate administrators including Human Resources.  The committee goal is to produce a proposal for consideration by the Faculty Association no later than the beginning of the spring 2015 semester.