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I put this page together in case some one is interested in the game of rugby.  If not, you can go back the way you came.

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Clubs (current and some former)


UNC-Wilmington Rugby Club (The Clamdiggers)


Charlotte Rugby Club


University of Illinois Rugby Club


Ohio State University Rugby Football Club


 Montana All-Maggots Rugby Club


The other men's rugby club in Wilmington, NC is the Cape Fear Rugby Club. Fear hosts the world-famous Cape Fear 7s Tournament in Wilmington on the fourth of July weekend each summer.



Interested in Rugby?


If you are new to the sport of rugby, here are a couple things to read to get you started.  Why rugby and How rugby makes better football players are both short essays aimed at helping to recruit high school aged players.  Here is a useful rugby guide that will walk you through the Laws of rugby in a user-friendly manner. In case you are curious, here is a look at what is going on inside a scrum.  Finally, just in case your mom asks, rugby is pretty safe.



For the Player


Here are the Laws that define the sport of Rugby Union Football.  You will need to understand them whether you want to play rugby or just become an educated spectator.  As you will quickly recognize, the Laws are written in very specific terms and are difficult to make sense of without considering the precise meaning of each word or phrase.  Luckily, the game is really much simpler than this language makes it seem.  You will likely get the general idea after watching a match or two.  One very useful way to increase your understanding of rugby is to check out these Law Discussions.  This frequently updated section deals with matches that have just occurred and looks at the details of what happened, what the referee called, and how well the call corresponds with the written Law(s).  A second very useful resource is Learn Rugby Laws, a giant on-line quiz over the Laws of the game.  While it may seem aimed at referees, it is a very good exercise for players.  Go there often and see how well you can do.


Rugby Fitness Training and Fitness for Rugby provide good insights on training for the physical demands of rugby.


For those interested in tactical insights, Rugby Coach and Rugby Tactics will describe more "moves" than you can shake a stick at, while Coaching and Rugby Coaching Notes provide a more conceptual perspective.   The Technical Journal of the England RFU is an excellent source of articles on a variety of topics in rugby.  Click on “New Articles” to see the last few weeks’ postings and on “Archives” to see articles from the last few months.  For quite technical information, Sports Science Info provides insights from academic research into the sport of rugby. and will permit you to keep up with what is going on in US rugby on a day-to-day basis and Yanks Across will do the same for US players playing overseas.


Finally, The Rugby Reader's Review covers everything else—and more.




Rugby Organization (nearly an oxymoron)


The International Rugby Board is the governing body of rugby world-wide


USA Rugby governs rugby in this country


USA Rugby South is the regional union in charge of rugby in NC


North Carolina Rugby Union is our local union



Useful Rugby Links


Rugby Magazine: the journal of record for the sport of rugby in the U.S.


Midwest Rugby Links... and more (In my opinion, this is the single best link to everything in rugby)






Want to Buy Rugby Stuff?


Matt Godek Rugby Store


Rugby Imports ... equipment and clothing for the serious rugby player.