Web Links for Bio 111

Audesirk Live! This is the website for your course

Use this Reaction Time Test in lab.

Experimental design is discussed in an article presenting an experiment to be done by students. Pay particular attention to "Tips for Teachers".

Information on pillbugs, and mealworms.

The Biology Project includes useful images, animations and descriptions about most of the topics in this course. You should especially check out the Mitosis Exercise before attending your lab on Mitosis.

Here are lots of cells undergoing mitosis for you to look at.  This page maintained by East Central College.

CELLS alive! Includes excellent animations and movies illustrating cell processes.

Genetic Science Learning Center (at the University of Utah). This very large site contains lots of information geared at teaching the public about human genetics. It also includes pictures of karyotypes and even a "game" similar to what you will do in lab (Click on “Genetic Disorder Corner” and then "What can our chromosomes tell us?").

Good information about chromosomal abnormalities and information about specific chromosomal abnormalities

Human Karyotype Exercise like the one we did in lab. (From The Biology Project)

Human Genome Project includes links to lots of useful sites pertaining to genetics and/or molecular biology

Border Collie Breeding You might find genetics makes more sense when you look at breeding experiments on critters other than pea plants or fruit flies (maintained by the USBCC).

National Geographic Genographic Project  Here you can follow your ancestry back thousands of generations.

Charles Darwin's writings and audio version of "Origin of Species"

National Center for Science Education

Evolution videos

The Creation - Evolution Continuum If you think there are only two perspectives on the Creation-Evolution controversy, perhaps you should read this.

The Talk.Origins Archive

The Pope's position on evolution (Pope John Paul II) October 22, 1996

Origin Myths