Carbohydrate Metabolism


The oxidation of glucose


Glycolysis yields 2 ATP and 2 NADH

"Intro to Krebs cycle" yields 2 NADH

Krebs cycle yields 2 ATP, 6 NADH, 2 FADH2


NADH and FADH2 each carry a pair of electrons to oxidative phosphorylation


Oxidative phosphorylation = electron transport chain

10 NADH yield 30 ATP

2 FADH2 yield 4 ATP


Oxygen is essential for oxidative phosphorylation

It picks up electrons from the end of the electron transport chain

Each atom picks up a pair of electrons, attracts 2 protons and forms water


Cellular respiration = reactions requiring oxygen


If oxygen is not available, cell can survive for a while by doing fermentation

Fermentation "unloads" NADH so cell can keep doing glycolysis

Alcohol fermentation (yeast)

Lactate fermentation (animal cells)


Aerobic vs anaerobic exercise