Web Links for General Biology



The following are links of interest to students in both Bio 111 and Bio 112.For more specific links, see your course's web page.

Study Guides and Strategies  is a very comprehensive set of resources to help you survive your college experience.  This site is maintained by Joe Landsberger at the University of St. Thomas. 

Audesirk Live! is the web site for your text. 

An On-Line Biology Book will let you check out another text and perhaps a different perspective


Metric Units Converter this exhaustive site will let you practice converting measurements from one unit to another (maintained by Sergey and Anna Gershteins).

The Biology Project is an excellent resource produced by the University of Arizona.It includes both animations and tutorials.


The Bioactive Site is a tremendous source of information maintained by Rick Hershberger at Carlow College


Here are two sources for breaking news in science:

Science News Online

Science Update


PubMed (maintained by the National Library of Medicine at NIH) allows you to access information from millions of articles in medical journals.


Finally, if you envision a career in medicine (or are just curious) you might look at WebPath: The Internet Pathology Laboratory(maintained by the University of Utah)