A Guide to PowerPoint 2000

Dr. Claude S. Moore, Mathematics Instructor
Cafe Fear Community College
Homepage: cfcc.edu/faculty/cmoore


Email:  cmoore@cfcc.edu
Permission is granted to use this presentation for non-profit purposes.
”Thank You” goes to Amy Abbott, Instructional Design Specialist/Blackboard Administrator,

at Danville (VA) Community College for her vast amount of assistance when Claude was employed at DCC.




This Guide to PowerPoint 2000 was created to assist students, faculty, and others develop PowerPoint presentations.  It is designed to serve as a brief introduction to slide presentations in mathematics and related subject areas.  This tutorial contains illustrations and sample presentations.


Table of Contents

Part 1

Creating a New Slide Presentation – starting PowerPoint; presentation options; three samples

Part 2

Preparing PowerPoint for Mathematics – toolbars for mathematics; save a file

Part 3

Content Formatting – fonts, color, special characters

Part 4

Adding Lines, Drawings, Equations, Hyperlinks, Pictures, Sounds, and Movies