Adding Lines, Drawings, Equations, Hyperlinks,
Pictures, Sounds, and Movies

Drawing Toolbar:

From the Drawing Toolbar, you can draw line segments, lines, rays, rectangles, circles, ovals, textboxes, and do many other special things.


Equation Editor:

If the Equation Editor symbol  is not visible, click on Tools, Customize, Commands tab, and Insert.  Find Equation Editor in the Commands column.  Click and drag the symbol to a toolbar.


Equation Editor is supplied with Microsoft Office products.  You may use Equation Editor, MathType, or some other product to develop formulas and equations.


Menu Toolbar, Insert:

From the Insert pull down menu, you can insert a Picture from Clip Art or from Files and Movies and Sounds from Files.  You can also Insert Charts and Tables from Spreadsheets.

[Right click on the link and click Open New Window.  After the program opens, follow the instructions on the screen.]  Click here to see a sample presentation with various inserts with sound.  [Be sure the speakers are on and the volume is up.]

Practice inserting various objects and items.

The Heart Beat of America

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Amy’s CD.


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