EDIT Feature of TI-83

EDIT – 1: Edit… allows the entry (in columns) and modifications of data to be used with the CALC and TESTS features.


Press CLEAR to clear the home screen.

Press STAT, EDIT, 1:Edit, ENTER, and you may enter data in the columns or modify data that is already there.


Press the location arrows to highlight L1, press CLEAR and the down arrow to clear column L1. Repeat this procedure to clear other columns.


To enter data in L1, Press STAT, EDIT, 1:Edit, and ENTER.  With the cursor in position L1(1), press 10 and ENTER, 12 and ENTER, etc. until you have entered the six values.


Press 2nd MODE to QUIT the EDIT mode and return to the home screen.


Change the 16 to 20. Press STAT, 1:Edit, ENTER, down arrow to the highlight 16, press 20, ENTER, and 2nd MODE to return to the home screen.