Intersect Feature of TI-calculator

2ND TRACE 5:intersect finds the intersection of two graphs
using 2ND TRACE (CALC) feature.
NOTE: Follow instructions from left to right by rows.

Press CLEAR to clear the home screen. Enter functions as Y1= and Y2= .

Press 2ND, TRACE, highlight 5:intersect.

Press ENTER to see graph and make choice of First curve. Press up or down arrow to see cursor on one graph.

Press ENTER and use the left or right arrow, if necessary, to get on the Second curve.

Press ENTER to get to Guess?

Press ENTER to see the X= and Y= values for the point on intersection. For the original problem, the solution is X = 4.


Description: E:\SECUREGUARD-Files\CSM-Website\TI83Li11.gif