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Ole Snappy made it through the summer just fine. He is eating a lot more now. His fellow tank mates have been reduced to a hardy few. "Stupid turtle" is still there. And the water is pretty clean. Thanks Murray.

David Hardin came by and snapped a few pictures of "snappy" (the day after I decide to grow my "pirate beard" back - so I looked unshaven). I think he might feature a story on snappy in a school publication. He is getting really used to being fed and will sit and wait on his rock for food. He will also lunge at your finger or hand to get the food (his favorite right now is "stunned" goldfish).

photo by David Hardin

Our alligator arrived today! I picked it up at the NC Aquarium at Ft. Fisher at 9:15am. I was able to choose between two 3 month old snappers. They were both very cute. Ours was the more cute of the two. Photos to follow.

I bought about 15 feeder fish (goldfish) and put them in the tank.

I spent the afternoon setting up the tank so it could "run" some before the specimen comes. I had to rig a little hose to get water in it and opened 8 bags of rocks to put inside. I set up the slate as pretty as it can get and installed the filter. Looks like a nice set up. The hole for the drain leaks a little though. I'll see tomorrow just how much. But all I have to do is drain it down and put a little silicone on it. I plan on adding some driftwood to provide a spot for the alligator to get completely out of the water when it desires.


The aquarium for "Snappy II" has been delivered. Bob from Pets Plus brought the 150 gallon aquarium, rock, slate, lid, heater and filter to us this morning. What a huge aquarium! Plenty of room for the baby alligator and his victims - I mean food items.
image: Empty tank

All we need now is a little water and the resident. Coming soon: Snappy's arrival....

photo by David Hardin

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Other pictures of alligator and tank
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baby picture

water return
water outlet (cut through glass)

Article on Alligator from CFCC web site
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