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A new semester! Fall 2006

Delicious Beets!
Here are some beets I pickled summer before last. I was kinda preoccupied this time. I still have a few jars if anybody wants to try some. They are great at Thanksgiving!

Ummmm um.... Salmonella.

Evolution Videos
Episode titles
Darwin's Dangerous Idea (two hours)
Great Transformations (one hour)
Extinction! (one hour)
The Evolutionary Arms Race (one hour)
Why Sex? (one hour)
The Mind's Big Bang (one hour)
What About God? (one hour)

"Intelligent" Design?
Ken Miller, from the the exciting video "Darwin's Dangerous Idea", has an excellent website with info on the battle he is waging against ID (intelligent design). It would be a great resource for your evolution paper.

Laboratory Field Trip
Plankton Tow

Date • TBA
North causeway bridge (across from old - now demolished Pizza Hut). We will leave from the lab room at regularly scheduled lab times. I have limited seating on some days in school vehicles. So car pool if you can. See me if you absolutely need a ride. We'll be deploying plankton nets and collecting samples for observing back in the lab.

Optional Field Trip
Date • TBA
Fun at Ft. Fisher!
Weather and Time permitting - we will be meeting at the end of Hwy 421 past the Ferry Landing (at the Basin near the NC Wildlife access boat ramp at Ft. Fisher). Wear clothes to get wet or dirty. Bring a bucket if you have one. I will bring dip nets, cast nets and a seine. If we have good weather and interest, afterwards we will head over to Carolina Beach State Park to see the Venus Fly Traps. This is a casual fun field trip that will allow us to explore the coastal, intertidal and marsh habitats of the lower Cape Fear.