Spider Map

The"spider" concept map is organized by placing the central idea ot topic in the center of the map. Main ideas are indicated by the legs that radiate out.  Any number of details or subordinate ideas may be attached to the related main idea. Branches from each leg may include supporting details, facts, and examples.   Spider Maps can describe a topic in a novel, short story, movie, or play, a thing, a process, a concept. The map may be used to organize ideas or brainstorm ideas for a writing project.

Start by determining the main idea.
What is the main topic or concept?
Who is the main character, protagonist, or antagonist?
What is the main event?
What are the main ideas in the novel/short story/movie?
What are the main components of the theory/concept?
What are its attributes?
What are its functions?
What specific details are important?
How are they related to the main idea?

                                                spider gif

Blank Spider Map:   http://www.eduplace.com/graphicorganizer/pdf/spider.pdf