Political Science



Gregory S. Arey
Instructor of Political Science

Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Cape Fear Community College
411 North Front Street
Wilmington, NC 28401-3993
Tel: 910-362-7274; Fax: 910-362-7152
Office: A-409 Galehouse Building

  • ABD, 2004, Old Dominion University (International Affairs)
  • MA, 1993, Marshall University (Political Science)
  • BA, 1992, University of South Alabama (Political Science)
  • POL 110: Introduction to Political Science;
  • POL 120: American Government; POL 210: Comparative Government
Experience Abroad:
  • Lived in Italy
  • Traveled extensively in Central America (especially Panama)
Famous Quotes Concerning U.S. Government and Democracy:

Chief Justice JOHN MARSHALL (1755 - 1835) said, "The people make the Constitution, and the people can unmake it.   It is the creature of their own will, and lives only by their will."


President WOODROW WILSON (1856 - 1924) wrote, "Government should not be made an end in itself: it is a means only - a means to be freely adapted to advance the best interests of social organism.    The state exists for the sake of society, not society for the sake of the state."

President JOHN F. KENNEDY (1917 - 1963) stated, "Democracy is a difficult kind of government.   It requires the highest qualities of self-discipline, restraint, a willingness to make commitments and sacrifices for the general interest, and also it requires knowledge."

President JIMMY CARTER (1924 - ) said, "But we know that democracy is always an unfinished creation.   Each generation must renew its foundations."

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