Marine Biology - MSC 172

Student Resources

All lectures will be posted in PDF format. Students are responsible for printing their own lecture handouts. Please note that Lab Activities and other resources will be made available on this page also; if you misplace a handout from class, it will become your responsibility to print another copy from this page.


  1. Intro. to Marine Biology
  2. Scientific Method & Classification & Taxonomy
  3. Estuaries
  4. Marine Environment: Geography & Biogeography
  5. Coral Reefs
  6. Sandy-bottom Intertidal
  7. Ecological Principles
  8. Subtidal
  9. Plankton
  10. Deep Sea
  11. Nekton
  12. Resources from the Sea
  13. Rocky Shore Communities


  • Dichotomous Keys
  • Plankton Lab Reading


  • Seashore Animals of the Southeast - Explained!
  • Practical Exam Information
  • How to Make a Lab Notebook
  • Midterm Specimens (for notebook)
  • Invertebrate Taxonomy
  • Midterm Lecture Study Guide
  • Final Specimens (for notebook)
  • Final Lecture Study Guide