Marine Biology - MSC 172

Course Outline & Syllabus


Shawna Daniel - Office: S-204B; Phone: (910) 362-7407


Kyle McDermott - Office: S-204A; Phone: (910) 362-7660


Marine Biology
Eighth Edition Peter Castro, & Michael E. Huber McGraw Hill, 2008  

Seashore Animals of the Southeast
Edward E. Ruppert & Richard S. Fox University of South Carolina Press

A Field Guide to the Atlantic Coast Fishes
C. Richards Robins, G. Carleton Ray, & John Douglas Houghton Mifflin Co., 1986.


Marsh clothing and shoes (closed toe and laces). Students will not be allowed to participate on field trips without proper clothing.


This course utilizes field trips to the beach, salt marsh, and other habitats to study marine animals and plants in their natural communities. Topics include, divisions of the marine environment, distribution of life in the ocean, and the interrelationships of marine organisms in various habitats. Upon completion, students should be able to scientifically identify various marine species and describe the role they fill in their biological communities.


Course Hours Per Week: Class 2, Lab 3

Semester Hours Credit: 3

Prerequisite: None


Recognize different local marine habitats and communities.

Identify the various organisms that interact in each community.

Collect, preserve, and take field data on each organism encountered on field trips.


You are responsible for your own learning; it is up to you to get something useful and interesting from this course. It is your responsibility to save all graded assignments.


Each hour absent will reduce your attendance grade by 2 points. More than 16 hours will result in failure. Two tardies equal one absence.


Students may withdraw by filling out and having the instructor sign a withdrawal form available in the Registrar's Office.


Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will not interfere with the learning effort or safety of classmates. The use of cell phones in this class is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply will result in a 10-point penalty on a quiz. Each additional incident will result in the doubling of the previous penalty. No food or drink is permitted in the classroom.


Lecture Exams (Midterm & Final) 20%

Practical Exams (Midterm & Final) 20%

Quizzes 20%

Laboratory Exercises 15%

Laboratory Notebook 15%

Attendance 10%

Due to the nature of the laboratory exercises, there will be no make-ups. The student may ask permission to attend another section for a makeup, but the instructor cannot make special accommodations. Under no circumstances will there be practical exam make-ups.

One letter grade will be deducted from any lab grade when a student fails to bring their field guides.


Exams may have multiple choice, matching, or essay type questions.


Number: S204B

Phone: 362-7407


The instructor's schedule is posted on her office door and on her web page. Additional/alternate times by appointment only.