Water Analysis - MSC 180

Course Outline & Syllabus


This course covers the practical analysis of water samples with an emphasis on marine-oriented techniques and procedures. Topics include basic chemistry laboratory skills, introductory microbiology techniques, the use of wet chemistry, and laboratory instruments to measure various chemically and biologically important parameters. Upon completion, students should be able to measure pH, salinity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and nutrients, culture microbes and measure levels of ions and trace metals in natural water samples.


3 Credit Hours:

- 2 lecture hours per week

- 3 lab hours per week




NONE: Handouts will be provided. Internet readings will be assigned.


A lab notebook is required. Lab reports will be recorded and graded in this notebook throughout the semester.


  1. The student will learn analytical techniques for absorption spectrophotometry, suspended particulate matter, biological nutrients, biochemical oxygen demand, and basic marine oriented microbiological techniques.
  2. The student will be able to define the standard of unit for measurements of length, volume and mass in the metric system.
  3. The student will learn the basic chemistry of the analytical techniques used.
  4. The student will learn correct data reduction of raw values to accepted formats using standard oceanographic log sheet computations.
  5. The student will learn the general oceanic distribution, cycling and the biological and oceanographic importance of the analyzed parameters.


Class attendance: CFCC policy states that a student must attend at least 80% of the scheduled class hours in order to receive credit for the course. Attendance is marked at the beginning of each class. Those not present at that time will be marked absent. Two tardies equal one hour absent. Arriving late and leaving early is rude and disruptive to the class. A failure (F) designation will be entered after the 13th hour missed (20% of 64 hrs) after which a student may not withdraw passing (WP) if prior contact has not been made. If you arrive late to lab, after the Safety rules have been discussed, you will not be permitted to participate and you will receive a zero for your lab grade.


  • In an effort to assist in proper building maintenance and to provide a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning, we are not permitted to eat or drink inside the classroom.
  • Individual private conversations should be avoided as they tend to be disruptive and are a distraction to others who are listening to and participating in the information being presented. You will receive ONE warning for such behavior, and all subsequent occurrences will result in dismissal from the lecture or lab.
  • Cellular phones are to be turned off while in the classroom so as not to be an interruption. A cell phone ringing, vibrating, or being used during class hours will earn -10% on the MIDTERM. A second offense will earn 2x that, a third will earn 3x that, etc. If you are expecting an important call, let the Instructor know beforehand.


Students must follow safety requirements reviewed at the semester start and posted in the classroom/lab. Students who ignore or violate safety requirements will be subject to discipline which may include dismissal from the course.


  • There will be 2 exams on lecture material throughout the semester (midterm and final). The exams may consist of definitions, multiple choice, matching, true or false, calculations, and short answer type questions.
  • Make-up of lecture exams will only be given under extenuating circumstances. Make-up lecture exams may consist of different and possibly harder questions and may cover materials covered but not tested on the original exam.
  • There will be 2 lab exams throughout the semester (midterm and final). There will be no make-up of lab exams.
  • Quizzes will be given every week. There will be no make-up of quizzes. If you are late to class you will not be allowed to take the quiz.
  • Pre- and post-lab questions will be assigned every week.. Late pre- and post-lab questions will not be accepted. The deadlines for these questions will be covered during our first class meeting. There will be no make-up of questions under any circumstances.

Course On-Line Resources:

This course will utilize on-line resources which include Campus Cruiser and CFCC student email, the instructor’s website, and other internet-based readings. It is expected that the Instructor’s Faculty Website be checked weekly for announcements. Web access is available to all students in each Marine Technology classroom, lab and shop; CFCC's Library and Learning Lab; and the County Library at 2nd and Chestnut Streets and several of its branches. (Note: libraries may have email restrictions and printing charges; become familiar with their policies before using the facilities!).

Student Email:

In addition to web postings of assignments and announcements, email will be utilized for communication with the student. Each student will have a web-based CFCC Student Email account. Campus Cruiser should be checked for emails from the Instructor frequently (minimally twice a week and/or before any class periods). Departmental announcements will also be sent out via this email account.

Instructor's Website:



10% Attendance

10% Quizzes

50% Exams

  • 2 Lecture Exams = 10% each
  • 2 Lab Exams = 15% each

30% Lab

  • Pre- and post-lab activities = 15%
  • Lab notebook = 15%

CFCC Grading Scale

A 92+

B 84

C 76

D 68


Office: S204D

Phone: 362-7405

Email: jjenkins@cfcc.edu or jajenkins50@email.cfcc.edu

Hours: Instructor's schedule is posted on the office door and on her web page. Office hours are as scheduled. Alternate times should be scheduled by appointment.

Note: If you are a person with a disability and anticipate needing accommodations of any type in order to participate in this class, you must notify Disability Services (Galehouse Bldg. Room A215, 362-7012), provide the necessary documentation of the disability and arrange for the appropriate authorized accommodations. Once these accommodations are approved, please identify yourself to me in order that we can implement these accommodations.