Cape Fear Community College





K. Brown

COM 110-02:

  1. Karen Brown is a very fun teacher. She makes class interesting and is very good at getting the info. explained.
  2. Very good teacher
  3. I feel that Ms. Brown was a great teacher, and I would like to have her as a teacher for other classes down the road.
  4. Great teacher.
  5. Ms. Brown is very enthusiastic & teaches this course very well. She is organized & provides great information regarding communication. She is a superb instructor!
  6. She’s Great!

COM 110-03:

  1. She has a great way of showing us examples with group work & action
  2. She’s a wonderful teacher, makes class enjoyable
  3. Mrs. Brown is an excellent educator.

COM 110-04:

  1. Karen Brown is an awesome instructor. She is very passionate about communication and it definitely shows in her teaching style.
  2. Mrs. Brown is a wonderful and effective instructor. Not only have I learned a lot about communicating, but I have learned a lot about myself
  3. Good instructor, passionate about communications, which is good.
  4. Karen is a wonderful teacher that loves what she does & makes it fun to come to class. (Very interesting class)

COM 110-05:

  1. She has been a great instructor and I feel lucky to have had her. Keep her & give her a raise!!!
  2. She has been the best teacher I have had here at Cape Fear.


COM 120-01:

  1. Mrs. Brown makes the course interesting and fun. She’s a really great teacher.
  2. Mrs. Brown is one if not the best instructors I have ever had she really cares about her students – that’s nice
  3. Mrs. Brown is an awesome teacher and a great listener. She has impacted my life in many positive ways. Thanks
  4. Very energetic, compassionate, and interesting. Is very interested in her students, their grades, and their well-being.
  5. An excellent teacher, especially for he subject.
  6. Mrs. Brown is an awesome instructor. she really wants us into the subject

COM 120-02:

  1. Stimulates learning about oneself & communicating w/others
  2. She is one of the best instructors since my return to school in the fall of ’99!
  3. Excellent communicator, very positive reinforcement, maintains control in classroom great ideas for interactive projects.
  4. Mrs. Brown is wonderful! She has really helped me in the relationship area!
  5. Great teaching skills
  6. Excellent Teachers! My favorite! Great! Wonderful!
  7. Excellent class!