Fishing Gear Technology I - MSC 132

North Carolina Boater Education Course:


North Carolina Marine Fisheries:


Size & Catch Limits: www.recreational/recguide

Fishing Gear and Supplies:

Memphis Net and Twine:

LFS Commercial Fishing Gear:

U.S. Netting:

Knots, Splices and Rope Work:

Animated Knots and Splices: animatedknots/

Marine Hardware and Rope:

Newell Davis:

Samson Rope:

Wall Rope:

Yale Cordage:

General Interest:

Ancient Knots/Mars Rover:

Around Cape Horn - Irving Johnson: 1929 Peking Footage

1961 Net Repair Manual (PDF): Idaho Fish & Game

Commercial Fishing Videos:

Fishing Methods & Devices: www.afm.goc

Pollack Fishing: www.ModernMarvels

Rope, Hardware & Safety: www.Amsteel Blue Demo

Tuna Fishing: Pole & Line

Catching Giant Tuna

Dismantleing a Kindai Tuna: