Fishing Gear Technology I - MSC 132

Student Resources

First Day Handout/Syllabus(Printable Version - Microsoft Word)

Fisherman's Workbook Link

Lecture References

Introduction - Plain Whippings, Loops, Turns & Hitches

Knots and Bends

Loop and Slipped Knots

Introduction to Splicing

Eye Splice - Stranded Ropes

Short Splice - Stranded Ropes

Back Splice - Stranded Ropes

Back Splice - Hollow Braid Ropes

Eye Splice - Hollow Braid Ropes

End-to-End Splice - Hollow Braid Ropes

Monkey's Fist - Ornamental and Practical

Working With Ropes and Fibers

Introduction to Netting Theory - Includes Appendix: Net Plans

Calculating and Cutting Netting Tapers