Related Links

Microscopy - nice site with a microscope primer and great photos

Classification and Relationships

Phylogenetic systematics - this site discusses cladograms and their importance
Coelmon Types and Formation
Binomial Nomenclature - a great site explaining all the intricacies in assigning scientific names
The Tree of Life - this site catalogues the diversity of life
Polymerase Chain Reaction - everything you would want to know about PCR


Microbes on the Move - video library of protozoans doing neat stuff from the University of Leicester in the UK
Protozoan Parasites
Protozoan Parasites - medical site that touches on a bunch of nasties
World Health Organization - the control of malaria and other protozoans
FDA (Food and Drug Administration - info on disease causing protozoans
Malaria - World Health organization Website
Malaria Laboratory Diagnoses
Malaria - CDC Website
Foraminifera - general information
Collecting Foraminifera - ever want to collect and mount Foraminifera this site shows you how
Foraminifera - Smithsonian site
Paramecium - general site with taxonomy and photos
Paramecium - another general site
The Blob - the amoeba who is a movie star


Portuguese Man-o-War - info on polyp and reproductive habits
Portuguese Man-O-War - pictures of the different types of polyps
Introduction to Cnidarians
Cnidarian Home Page
Cnidaria and Porifera history
Cnidarian links - a host of links on jellyfish and corals (some of the links are dead)


Comb jelly species list - this site gives a comprehensive of all ctenophore species with a few photo's
Ctenophore overview


Marine flatworms - great overview site a must see!!!
Flatworm and Nudibranchs
Cestodes - overview of tapeworm with a slide show
Causes and diagnosis of Beef tapeworm
Chinese liver fluke
Flatworm and parasitic flatworm photo's and overview


Introduction to the Peanut Worms